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Feedback loops and formal systems

Dan Connolly
W3C Technical Plenary
Mandelieu, France
1 March 2006

Classical vs Chaotic

Statistical Approaches are Great

I'm learning that stuff, slowly, but symbolic math is my strength.

HTML 1.x

HTML 2.0

Are DTDs cost-effective?

XSD Schemas put structures in the Web

Now I can link to it, not just informally from hypertext, but formally from other XSD documents...

Formal Mix and Match

Circles and Arrows on the Whiteboard

Tag had a circles-and-arrows diagram of Language Evolution (extensibility and versioning):

Dan at whiteboard

Cirlces and Arrows in Drawing Tools


TimBL captured it in OmniGraffle. See also: xml/graffle source.

UML Diagrams

uml diagram


tag vocab as OWL in tabulator

Extract RDF from the UML diagram...

ext-vers$ make test-agent-pf.n3
xsltproc ... --output ext-vers-uml.rdf grokVioletUML.xsl ext-vers-uml.violet

See Using RDF and OWL to model language evolution for details.

Colophon, References

These slides:


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