SemWeb Deployment WG

10 Oct 2006


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Tom Baker, Ralph Swick, Guus Schreiber, Sean Bechhofer, Fabien Gandon, Bernard Horan, Daniel Rubin, Diego Berrueta, Antoine Isaac
Ben Adida, Elisa Kendall
Tom, Guus



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Guus: in "W3C speak", the term "member" means an organization and the term "participant" means individuals like you and me

1.3 Teleconferences

Guus: Bernard has already expressed difficulties with this teleconference time
... intention is that UTC time is not fixed; we will shift by an hour when the US changes its clock
... this year both US and Europe change on 29 October
... at present we have no Asian participants
... W3C tradition is that scribe duties rotate around the WG
... we scribe in irc
... if you don't have an irc client, you can use a Web browser with the W3C cgi-irc interface; I've been using it successfully for several years

<TomB> I use ChatZilla - as a plug-in for Mozilla

Guus: this WG operates in the public view
... so Member Access is not necessary for any WG materials, only for other protected things such as Coordination Group records

Tom: I live in Berlin

-> Tom's introduction

Ralph: I live an hour outside of Boston

-> Ralph's introduction

Sean: I live in Manchester, UK
... participated in WebOnt
... interested in delivery of SKOS
... have a connection to KnowledgWeb

-> Sean's introduction

Fabien: I live in Cannes
... am a member of INRIA
... team has background in knowledge representation and knowledge management
... also participate in the GRDDL WG

Bernard: work for Sun Microsystems Labs and reside in the UK though I report to Sun in Burlington MA
... working on COHSE project with Sean in Manchester

<Bern> COHSE project -- http://cohse.semanticweb.org/

Daniel: I work at Stanford Univ as part of Center for Biomedical Ontology
... also participate in HCLSIG

Diego: I work in the Semantic Web project at CTIC in Spain

-> Diego's introduction

Antoine: work at Vrije Universitat in Amsterdam and also on a national archives project

-> Antoine's introduction

Guus: I also work at Vrije Universitat

Guus: was co-chair of WebOnt and SemWeb Best Practices WG

-> Guus' introduction

Guus: hope that there can be sharing between KnowledgeWeb and this WG

1.4 W3C Process

Guus: We are a Recommendation-Track Working Group
... we have a number of deliverables, one of which [SKOS] is already identified as a Recommendation
... the Recommendation process requires the documents to move along a process from Working Draft to Last Call to testing via Candidate Recommendation

<Antoine> isn't SKOS a working draft?

Guus: see Art of Consensus
... SKOS is already a Working Draft, yes
... to start a Recommendation track we like to have a document already available

Tom: Alistair is traveling today after Dublin Core meeting, sends regrets

Guus: we have 5 deliverables mentioned in the WG charter
... one of the 5 is explicitly expected to be a Recommendation
... the other 4 we have the ability to decide whether the end state is a Note or a Recommendation

Ralph: As one is working on document, publishing for public consumption, expectation that Editors' Drafts are visible. When published, they show up on Reports page. If our intended goal is Note, not a Recommendation, we are encouraged not to call the documents "Working Drafts". We publish versions not in final form - generally important to inform community about level of stability of documents (paragraphs about status). If we decide to go to Recommendation or to go to Note makes a difference in how we proceed.

Ralph: there's some consideration about how we name interim versions of a published technical report if we're intending the end state to be Note or Recommendation

Guus: the WG charter contains a schedule but it's up to the WG to fill in the details

Guus: Charter is there to give us clear scoping - changes can be proposed and are discussed in Semantic Web Coordination Group.

Guus: as chairs, part of our responsibility is to determine whether a proposal is in or out of scope for our charter

Review of Charter / Work Planning

Guus: see -> charter deliverables
... 5 deliverables mentioned: SKOS, ...
... we have the most input on this deliverable
... we need to draft a use cases and requirements document for SKOS
... this UCR document will be the basis for judging whether the proposed SKOS Recommendation is complete
... hope for use cases from Stanford and other groups

Daniel: absolutely

<TomB> Alistair made a presentation on requirements for SKOS last week in Mexico

Guus: I expect the WG to work on SKOS UCR for the rest of this year

Tom: see Alistair's presentation last week at DC2006 on SKOS requirements

Guus: W3C Notes have a slightly lesser status; they give guidelines but are not necessarily standards

Guus: second deliverable is a Note or Recommendation on best practices for publishing RDF and OWL ontologies
... third deliverable is guidelines for namespaces and versioning
... we do not yet have a draft for this

Ralph: there are some collected informal notes from the Best Practices WG though not a published document

Guus: fourth deliverable is a document on using OWL for cross-application integration
... Mike Uschold did some draft work on this
... fifth deliverable is joint between SWD and the HTML WG on incorporating RDF into HTML documents
... there are existing Working Drafts on this work as well

Ralph: use cases and requirements for RDFa are important to do soon also

Guus: for next telecon, please take a look at Alistair's presentation
... we'll talk about approach to gathering UCR documents next week

Guus: Next week, start with SKOS requirements - how to approach the task of getting together a use-case and requirements document.

WG Organization

Guus: we encourage all communication within the WG to go via the mailing list
... if we decide to break up the work into subgroups we may decide on certain Subject tags
... we discourage bilateral communication off-list
... W3C tries to keep the process as open as possible; people outside the group should be able to see the discussion, the rationale, and so on
... I would like to have input on any missing expertise within the WG
... for example, to move SKOS to Recommendation we want to show there are tools that handle SKOS and we need to think about testing

Daniel: what do you mean by "handle"; for example, you can bring SKOS into Protege

Guus: in WebOnt we defined some features and test suites
... for every feature we wanted two implementations
... in SKOS I would assume that a successful implementation would read in SKOS and interpret it in the intended way
... SKOS may be the first non-representational SemWeb language that the W3C is doing; it is more of a pattern
... our test suite should be easily usable by tool developers
... and help measure whether our specification fulfills the requirements we initially laid out
... perhaps in a future telecon Sean can describe how this worked in WebOnt?

Sean: sure

Guus: Normally, f2f meetings are for making key decisions, such as SKOS requirements.

Guus: Tom and I will do some initial planning on face-to-face scheduling and venue
... f2f usually are two days and try to take advantage of colocation with other events

Ralph: Next Technical Plenary - week where all WGs encouraged to meet - will be Nov 2007
...smaller version of that being arranged for Jan 2007 - week of Jan 22
...we could have space there. Will be at MIT. Smaller than Tech Plenary.
...If we want that space, need to say so very soon.

<TomB> Jan 22+ would be inconvenient

[straw poll for January meeting]

Ralph: in favor of meeting that week

Tom: neutral but inconvenient for me

Sean: in favor but timing not great

Fabien: I would be able to attend

Bernard: fine for me

Daniel: unsure

Guus: not sure

Diego: ok for me

Antoine: unsure, depends on whether there is another meeting next to it

Ralph: will take an option in order to reserve the possibility

ACTION: Ralph communicate to January meeting planners our desire to keep the option for f2f open for a couple more weeks [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/10/10-swd-minutes.html#action01]

next meeting: 17 Oct, 1500 UTC


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Ralph communicate to January meeting planners our desire to keep the option for f2f open for a couple more weeks [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/10/10-swd-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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