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W3C Workshop on Languages for Privacy Policy Negotiation and Semantics-Driven Enforcement

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Luk Vervenne employment ePortfolios -- the e-identity challenge
L-F Pau Privacy Negotiations and Implications on Implementations
Marco Casassa Mont On the Need to Explicitly Manage Privacy Obligation Policies as Part of Good Data Handling Practices
John Borking Privacy Rules, A Steeple Chase For Systems Architects
Renato Iannella, Karen Henricksen, Ricky Robinson A Policy Oriented Architecture for the Web: New Infrastructure and New Opportunities
Fabio Massacci, John Mylopoulos, Nicola Zannone A Privacy Model to Support Minimal Disclosure in Virtual Organizations
Sabah Al-Fedaghi Personal Information Flow Model for P3P
Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi, Mohammadreza Razzazi, Mohamad Teshnehlab Service Oriented Privacy Modeling in Enterprises with ISRUP E-Service Framework
Jan Camenisch, Thomas Groß, Dieter Sommer A General Certification Framework with Applications to Privacy-Enhancing Certificate Infrastructures
Malcolm Crompton Respecting people, their individuality, and their personal information
M. Hondo, T. Nadalin, R. Nagaratnam, M. Kudo, G. Karjoth, B. Pfitzmann, M. Schunter Position Paper: Privacy Policies as a Component of Policy-enabled Governance
M. Maaser, S. Ortmann, P. Langendörfer NEPP: Negotiation Enhancements for Privacy Policies
Susana Jurado-Apruzzese, Francisco J. Garijo-Mazario, José Sánchez-Sánchez Privacy languages from a telco operator perspective
Giles Hogben An open assertion and evidence exchange and query language – requirements and abstract syntax
Patricia Charlton, Jonathan Teh Supporting the users’ privacy preferences when sharing personal content
Piero A. Bonatti Flexible and Usable Policies
Anne Anderson Sun Position Paper
Marit Hansen, Jan Schallaböck Extending Policy Negotiation in User-Controlled Identity Management by Privacy & Security Information Services
Yves Deswarte, Matthieu Roy Privacy-Enhancing Access Control Enforcement
Frank Wagner T-Identity Protector -- Functional Operation
Mary Rundle International Personal Data Protections and Digital Identity Management Tools
Makoto Hatakeyama, Hidehito Gomi Privacy Policy Negotiation Framework for Attribute Exchange
Helena Lind, Johan Hjelm, Mikael Lind Privacy surviving Data Retention in Europe?
Sören Preibusch Privacy Negotiations with P3P
Xavier Huysmans Privacy-friendly Identity Management for eGovernment
Hannes Tschofenig, Henning Schulzrinne, Andrew Newton, Jon Peterson, Allison Mankin The IETF Geopriv and Presence Architecture Focusing on Location Privacy
Carl Gunter Ensuring Privacy Conformance in Inter-Domain Systems
Paul Madsen, Marco Cassasa Mont, Robin Wilton, A Privacy Policy Framework – A position paper for the W3C Workshop of Privacy Policy Negotiation
Thomas Roessler, Rigo Wenning Position Paper, W3C Workshop on Languages for Privacy Policy Negotiation and Semantics-Driven Enforcement
Rachel Yager Content filtering across Organizations
Ernesto Damiani, Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Pierangela Samarati Privacy Enhanced Authorizations and Data Handling
Lalana Kagal, Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly, Daniel Weitzner Promoting Interoperability between Heterogeneous Policy Domains
Jan Zibuschka, Tobias Scherner, Lothar Fritsch, Kai Rannenberg Towards a Unified Interface for Privacy Regulation-conformant Location-based Services
Daniel J. Weitzner, Harold Abelson, Tim Berners-Lee, Chris Hanson, James Hendler, Lalana Kagal, Gerald Jay Sussman Transparency and End-To-End Accountability: Requirements for Web Privacy Policy Languages
Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia Compliance and Privacy in Enterprise SOA Ecosystem

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