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Open Actions

There is 1 open action listed in the system.

ID State Title Person Due Date
ACTION-11 OPEN test action Ben Adida 2009-09-09

Open Issues

There are 11 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product
ISSUE-229 OPEN typo in RDFa test case 122 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-230 OPEN @lang define behavior as per XHTML 1.1. 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-231 OPEN small errata: initializing the prefix mappings 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-232 OPEN errata for 4.1 document conformance 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-233 OPEN use other URI-carrying attributes in HTML+RDFa 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-234 OPEN change default treatment of literals with markup 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-235 OPEN Proposal for allowing URIs in CURIE-only attributes 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-236 OPEN Clarify the meaning of "ignore" with respect to attributes that have no legal value 2009-09-10 RDFa
ISSUE-237 OPEN Better rdf:List support in RDFa 1.1 2009-09-10 RDFa
ISSUE-238 OPEN ERRATUM for @src in final paragraph of Syntax 3.1 2009-09-24 RDFa
ISSUE-239 OPEN PROPOSAL: Errata text to clarify CURIE-related processing requirements 2009-09-24 RDFa


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