20 Jul 2006

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Jim_Allan, JR, cklaws
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<jallan> Agnda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2006JulSep/0010.html

<jallan> Scribe: JR

3.5 Toggle automatic content retrieval (P1)

<jallan> JR: AJAX can change things on the screen without content retrieval

<jallan> AJAX can use refresh, etc.

CL: On this one, one tech is changing the meta refresh rate

<jallan> CL: AJAX does not use meta-refresh

CL: What is really needed is ua's to know where on screen has changed

JA: AJAX seems much more author driven... rather than tool driven

CL: This guideline prob isn't the one

JA: Think we could use this one to address AJAX

<jallan> CL: option, if only partial information change, then send focus to the change.

JA: Lots of issues Becky Gibson talked about...
... Several scenarios re focus and information

CL: Want configurability for end user so they can decise what to do

<jallan> CL: is the information provided by the author, provided in a manner, such that the UA can provide configuration parameters

CL, JA: If retreival off then info lost

<jallan> JR: seems outdated. "don't retrieve things"

<jallan> whether the UA gets the info or not, the more important thing is how the info is displayed and the user alerted

3.6 Toggle images (P2)

CL: Bigger images - what if descriptions are bigger than image area etc.

JA: Yes - prob fo low vision users

JR: This checkpoint seems underserved by techs compared to rest of GL3

JA: Tech idea is make the image a scolling pane

<jallan> additoinal technique: css wrap=scroll

CL: Tech idea - from image context menu, provide descriptions in full

<jallan> CL: as part of properties

JA: We will finish early today.

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