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Comment LC-2411
Commenter: Karen Colye <kcoyle@kcoyle.net>

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Hello all,

with this mail I am forwarding LC comments from Karen Colye
kcoyle@kcoyle.net . She does not want to join the mailing list, but will be happy to reply to hour resolution.


1. The scope of the ontology should be clarified as being stored digital resources. It should also be made clear whether these resources MUST be accessible online, or could be offline.

2. You should add PBCORE (http://pbcore.org) to the list. This is a metadata set for broadcast media, and I believe it interrelates to the BBC metadata.
Original broadcast date is key for these materials, as is the name of the show or series (which can be different from the name of the episode).

3. There doesn't seem to be much for describing the content of the media.
There is only the description field. I suspect that many media organizations
have a more complex view, and will need for synopsis to be separate from
subjects for the purposes of display. Also, for broadcast programs with
multiple segments, they need a say to say, for example:
0-1 minute Introductions
1-19 minute: Interview with x
19-22 minutes: news segment
22-31 minute: Interview with y
I don't remember if these are already in PBCore.

3. You will probably eventually need to include some preservation metadata.
This is especially important for any digital media that have been derived
from physical media. PREMIS is probably overkill.... but you may be able to
pick a few elements from that.

Hope this is helpful. If not, feel free to ignore!

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