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Comment LC-2425: String Attributes
Commenter: viji <viji@borqs.com> (archived message)
Context: 7.4. Types of Attributes
assigned to Marcos Caceres
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Here are some of the comments on http://www.w3.org/TR/widgets/ W3C
Working Draft 5 October 2010

1. 7.9.2. The email Attribute

mentions that email is a keyword attribute where

A keyword is a string that is reserved for the purpose of this
specification. The value of a keyword attribute is a keyword that is
one of a finite set specified in the attribute's definition in the case
given in this specification.

Does this mean that the finite set will be defined in the specification
? or the spec assumes that there will be a finite set based on the
attributes definition in the specification.

This would mean that the email attribute can only hold emails and not
any other string ?

For param element's name and value attributes, how is the finite set
defined ? Do we let the feature defined specify the set ?

2. 9.1.9. Rule for Getting Text Content with Normalized White Space

In the example given, is the dir attribute for Dude ignored ? The
sentence "The resulting widget name would be "The Awesome Super Dude
Widget" but represented as a localizable string that retains" does not
seem complete

3. 7.11. The icon Element and its Attributes

Global attributes, src, width, height.

global attributes, xml.lang does not apply as mentioned in the spec.
dir also would not apply to icon element ?
Is Global attributes required as an attribute to icon element.

Same thing applies to content element, feature element, param element

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