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Commenter: timeless <timeless@gmail.com>

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initial spell checking after visual inspection flagged a word is done
by loading the text into data:text/html,<textarea rows=60 cols=85> in
Firefox 3.0.1 (en-US) and just looking for red squiggles.

> 6.1 Identity and Trust Anchor Signalling
> 6.4 Error handling and signalling

google says the web favors signaling 3:1 (Firefox says signalling
isn't a word{).
Wikipedia says:
signalling (UK spelling) or signaling (US spelling) has the
following meanings:

> [WSC-USECASES] documents the use cases and assumptions that underly this specification.

underlie or underlay

> Mike Beltzner, Joe Steele,Jan Vidar Krey, Maritza Johnson, Rachna Dhamija and Dan Schutzer.

space missing before "Jan"

> It has also benefitted from general public and working group commentary on earlier drafts.


> This specification also addresses products that might incporate changes to a web


> acceptance was caused through a user interaction that happens whlie the user is


> those roots embody augmented assurance and can therefore be treated more favourably
> both display the "padlock" security indicator, and a possible "favorite icon"

As an American, I'd expect favorably....

> The identity of the top level resource vouches for the content of all dependant


> This specification addresses Web user agents as one class of product.

typically I expect "class of thing_s_" do you mean "a product class"?`

> 3. What broadly accepted practices are considered sufficient for a trust anchor to be deemed augmented assurance qualified.
> Web user agents MUST establish that a trust anchor is [Definition: AA-qualified ]

use "augmented assurance qualified" or "aa-qualified" but not both :)
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