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Commenter: David MacDonald <Befree@magma.ca> on behalf of eramp WCAG Team Member

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Comment Type: general comment
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I\'ve been up to to my eyeballs in the documents lately for a multination client who is developing a policy. And have noticed a few things I hadn\'t noticed before.

Although GL 1.3 says \"Ensure that information and structure can be separated from presentation\" we have not said *anywhere* in the document that we discourage table layout. If we discuss layout tables (ie. table summary element) and do not mention our prefference to CSS layout then we are tacidly endorsing layout tables I would say.

Proposed Change:

Propose that we add a note to all the techniques that address table layout (F46,F49,G57 etc.) which would say something like:

\"Note: Although Layout tables are allowable under the GUidelines, the working group recommends the use of CSS layout rather than HTML layout tables because CSS layout is more in line with the principle of separation of presentation and content.\"
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