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Comment LC-2860
Commenter: timvanschie1@gmail.com

Resolution status:

I think it should be made more clear that techniques are scope by a Succescriterium. So a technique only applies to those situations that a Succescriterium speaks about and no more. This is important for both sufficient as well as failure techniques.

E.g. F62 is a failure technique for SC 1.3.1 and 4.1.1. BUT step 2 of the test does not lead to a failure of 4.1.1, only step 1 does. Still the technique says either one of those steps lead to a failure for 1.3.1 AND 4.1.1.

That's not correct, but could be resolved by stating clearly in the document 'Understanding Techniques for WCAG Success Criteria' that the techniques are scoped by a Succescriterium. Then step 2 of the test will never be tested for 4.1.1, since that Succescriterium doesn't mention referencing to non-existing ID's (only the usage of unique ID's).

(There are more failure techniques like this.)

This would solve unclearness in relation to the fact that some techniques try to solve more problems than actually minimally required by a Succescriterium. Ofcourse this is good from the perspective of the webdeveloper who has to build as accessible as possible, but from the perspective of website inspectors it has to be clear what is minimally required. A clear statement that the techniques only apply within the scope of a Succescriterium will help avoiding confusion about this.

Please let me know if there are any questions. After november 6th you can only contact me by e-mailing to timvanschie1@gmail.com. Until then, you can use t.vanschie@accessibility.nl.

Proposed Change:
Clearly stating that the techniques are scoped by a Succescriterium (in the document 'Understanding Techniques for WCAG Success Criteria'). So techniques only apply to those situations that a Succescriterium is about.
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