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Comment LC-2844
Commenter: John Foliot <john@foliot.ca>

Resolution status:

The section "User Agent Support for WAI-ARIA" is woefully out of date, and incomplete. FF3? I'm using FF20. IE8? IE11 is in Beta. What of Chrome? Safari? (Opera? Yandex?) - and what about mobile? Not trying to be overly critical here friends, but this hurts rather than helps IMHO.

Proposed Change:
1) Date-stamp any specific mention of User-Agents (and AT): ie. at Sept. 1, 2013 the support for...

2) Perhaps instead of entrenching this into the document, make that support chart a stand-alone document that is even more "living" than this. Perhaps Steve's http://html5accessibility.com/ gets rolled in-house and referenced instead?
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