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Comment LC-2620
Commenter: Devarshi Pant <devarshipant@gmail.com>

Resolution status:

Note that a screen reader like JAWS allows users to set 'expand abbreviation' and 'expand acronym' in their configuration settings, which goes against the user agent notes that cite the title attribute. The fact is that this technique is about acronyms and abbreviation.
The first two pointers do not seem to be in the right place follow:
">Assistive technologies provide different levels of support for speaking title attributes. Some do not include features that allow users to access information provided via the title attribute.
>Implementing this technique with the title attribute is only sufficient if the title attribute is accessibility supported. The content of the title attribute needs to be available to all keyboard users (not only those with text-to-speech software) for this attribute to be accessibility supported."

Proposed Change:
Replace the first two pointers with:

> Assistive technologies provide different levels of support for speaking abbreviations and acronyms.
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