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This page has information about a round of publication of working group documents.

General Information

Target Date 2009-10-06
This Round Round 9
Previous Round Round 8


Included in All Documents

The following text (if any), with its header, will be included in the status section of each document. This may be left empty.

(Nothing for this round.)

Per-Document "Summary of Changes"

The text provided here for each document will be extracted, during publication, and placed in the "status of the document" section, under the sub-heading "First Public Draft" or "Summary of Changes" (as appropriate). This text should usually be one or two paragraphs, and link into the body of the draft (make it a working link, please) for more details on the changes.


This document was developed to provide a high-level guide to the RIF documents and and very brief introduction to the RIF architecture. It should serve as a general starting point for the RIF specification.
















This new draft specifies how RIF rules can be used with XML data. Although conceptually similar to RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility, and serving a parallel function, it is being developed later in the life of the Working Group and is not expect to reach Recommendation at the same time as the other Rec-Track RIF documents.


OWL 2 RL is a profile of OWL 2 for reasoning with rule systems, and the OWL 2 RL specification enumerates the necessary rules for doing OWL inference within that profile. That specification, however, uses a rule syntax intended for human readers, not machine consumption. This document bridges the gap to machine consumption by showing how to convert those rules into RIF Core rules, and discussing issues related to using a RIF Core reasoner as an OWL 2 RL reasoner.

Announcements of the Round

This text can be used as is, or modified to suit the particular forum where an announcement is sent. Feel free to add an other versions that might be useful.

For W3C News

The Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group has published six Candidate Recommendations and now invites developers to being implementation. Together, they allow systems using a variety of rule languages and rule-based technologies to interoperate with each other and with Semantic Web technologies.

Three of the drafts define XML formats with formal semantics for storing and transmitting rules:

The other drafts:

The group has also published a new version of RIF Test Cases, and three new First Public Working Drafts: RIF Overview, RIF Combination with XML data and OWL 2 RL in RIF.

The Working Group asks all developers to send implementation reports, and other comments, to by 29 October 2009. Learn more about the Semantic Web Activity.

Publicity Tracking

Please record all publicity activities here. This is useful to avoid overlap and help ensure that we've announced the round in all the appropriate places. Copied and modified from Round 6#Publicity.

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