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Thomas Krekeler wrote:
> Hello,
> my question is about the value space of rif:local in Herbrand
> interpretations.

Note that rif:local is a symbol space in RIF, not a datatype. That means it doesn't have a particular value space or lexical-to-value mapping defined. Also note that RIF is not restricted to Herbrand interpretations.

> One cannot just us the lexical space as value space since this would
> completely drop the idea of being local to a document.
> So, the document id should be a part of the Herbrand interpretation of a
> rif:local constant.
> Do you have preferences about how to combine the document id and the lexical
> part of a rif:local constant to a value?

No, at this time we don't have any preferences as experience with RIF implementation is limited. Your solution, to use the document id, seems the natural way to go.

Thanks for the question, RIF WG