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Thanks for the feedback.

While the RIF WG has no specific plans to create new dialects, we do seek "implementations" of FLD in the form of new dialect definitions that use it. A dialect that supports disjucntion in rule conclusions should be quite easy to define with FLD.


Rolf Gruetter wrote:
> Dear RIF WG,
> At WSL, we have recently been doing tests with SWRL/OWL DL for combined 
> rule-based/terminological reasoning. Thereby, a limitation was the 
> missing support of disjunctive rule heads in (a decidable fragment of) 
> SWRL. As far as I understand, RIF-FLD will overcome this shortcoming 
> (thanks to the FAQ section if I understand well!). RIF's OWL 
> compatibility is important to us as well. Anyway, I am looking forward 
> to the first RIF implementations ...