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List here email lists and other forums that you have sent announcements regarding RIF to (to help minimize duplication).

For history see older page.

Do not use BCC (which can confuse mailing lists), but FWD all your targeted mailouts to (as the single, comprehensive, reliable archive), especially if they need to be w3c member confidential instead of public.

Sandro Hawke:

Csma: java-rules, business rules, mismo list, yahoo PR list, OMG list, ask Mark to mention on his blogs

Chris: ODM, CL, dbpedia, ontolog

Adrian: xsb, JBoss Rules Users, JBoss Rules Developers

Axel: ALP-Newsletter (comes out every three months, contacted editor), TAG (mailinglist for LP researchers, interested in mainly logic programming under the answer set semantics.)

Dave: HP Internal (done), Jena-dev

Gary: inside oracle, jess, t-shirts...

Harold: RuleML mailing list, RR conference board, NRC, UNB

Jeff, Yuting: MOST project mailing list

Mike: some darpa project mailing lists

Michael Kifer:

PaulVincent: mentions in TIBCO CEP blog as meetings progress