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How to Submit an Implementation Report

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The RIF Working Group would like to know about all efforts to implement RIF-related software. If you are involved in such an effort, please send e-mail to public-rif-comments@w3.org (which has a public archive), and we will summarize it on our Implementations page. This information will help the us (and others) determine when the RIF specifications are ready to become W3C Recommendations.

In your report, please including the following information:

  1. Your name, affiliation, and (optionally) the names of other people who helped with the implementation.
  2. The name of your system, a URL for its website (if any), and a one-sentence description.
  3. Which dialects your software is designed to support (eg Core, BLD, PRD, or non-standard extension dialects). We would appreciate some brief commentary about why you chose these dialects, and what sorts of implementation techniques (eg algorithms) are being used.
  4. Do you believe your system currently conforms to the RIF Candidate Recommendations? Does it pass all the test cases for your dialect(s)? If not, which features does it lack and/or which test cases does it not yet pass? Do you have plans to make it conformant, and make it pass all the test cases?
  5. Does it implement any parts of RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility? Any issues?
  6. Did you implement the "at risk" features? If not, do you intend to, or do you think we should remove them from RIF?
  7. We'd appreciate your evaluation of whether the RIF Candidate Recommendation is ready to proceed along the standards track toward being a W3C Recommendation. If not, please be sure to tell us what problems you think we need to address.
  8. Which datatypes & builtins do you support?
  9. Finally, send your test results, as described in reporting test results, which we can aggregate with software. If your test results file includes information about your project, you may leave it out of your implementation report, since we can get it from your test results file.

Reports of work-in-progress, and incomplete reports, are okay; just send an updated report when you're ready.