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The RIF Working Group currently has six Candidate Recommendations, but its charter expires 31 March 2010. On 23 March, the Working Group reached consensus that the CR Exit Criteria have been met, and the documents should proceed to Proposed Recommendation.

At this point, the Working Group would like to extend the group for six months, through 30 September 2010. We expect to proceed to Recommendation in short order, but also wish to develop and publish other work items. Specifically, the group has been developing specifications for using RIF with XML data and for storing RIF as RDF data, which it intends to publish as WG notes. The group is also beginning to work on tutorial material.

See also Extension Request 2009b.

Meetings and Participation

The Working Group expects to have about a dozen active participants, going forward. The group is currently holding 90-minute telecons every other week, and expects to continue these as necessary.



See Candidate Recommendations.

Working Group Notes

Use Cases and Requirements
Being updated to track changes to the language
Test suite continues to be improved
Combination with XML data
Specification for how RIF documents can be combined with XML data sources (Rec Track, but not expected to reach Rec during this WG -- lower priority)
Explains how to use RIF in processing OWL 2 RL ontologies.
RIF Overview
High level overview and document guide.
RIF Frame View of the RIF Syntax
Early draft, specifying how to store RIF in RDF stores and process it using RIF rules