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Extension Request 2008

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The RIF Working Group was originally chartered through November 2007. The charter said that the group could expect to be extended, as necessary if there was appropriate progress and participation. While progress was slow at first, participation was good and progress was picking up, so we got a short-term extension, through the end of May 2008, with the understanding that we would reach Last Call on BLD during that extension.

The idea now is to ask for a 1-year extension (through 30 May 2009), during which time we intend to do produce the following documents (and develop them to the given maturity).

Meetings and Participation

The Working Group expects to have about a dozen active participants through the year.

It expects to continue weekly 90-minute telecons and have face-to-face meetings four times during the course of the year.



These will each require wide external review, multiple interoperating implementations, and a test suite.

proceed with these LC drafts to REC, for the Basic Logic Dialect with RDF and OWL support. Fix bugs, gather implementation experience; produce test suite.

Solidify these, as we have more experience with more dialects; take them to Rec

The basic production rules stuff, something like BLD is for the logic side

Dialect Interoperation and Extensible Core
We intend to continue developing technologies to support this challenging goal and hope to bring them to Recommendation status, if possible.

Working Group Note

This can be updated, as RIF progresses

Possible Working Drafts

Depending on participation and interest levels, we may well produce several Working Drafts for dialects and extensions. These Working Drafts are to be carried onward by a future Working Group or by this Working Group operating under another extension.

A Logic Programming Dialect (with NAF, at least)

Full First-Order Logic Dialect

Extension for XML Data Sources

Reaction Rules Dialect
... (if sufficient effort is available)