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CR Exit Criteria

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These RIF CR Exit Criteria indicate (per W3C process) a minimum level of implementation of the RIF specifications we expect to see during the Candidate Recommendation (CR) period. Once these implementations have been done and reported to the Working Group, if no significant flaws in the specs are found, we will be able to proceed to Proposed Recommendation.

The Exit Criteria are based on the general W3C concept of having two independent conformant implementations of each specification.

Since PRD and BLD consumers are Core consumers, we see no need for additional Core consumers. To validate the Core specification, we merely want two systems which use the distinction about what is or is not in Core, such as Core document validators, or producers which can be set to never emit documents outside of Core.
Two BLD consumers, implementing at least some of DTB
Two PRD consumers, implementing at least some of DTB
For each element of DTB (datatypes and builtins), two consumers (of any RIF dialect) which implement the element.
Two consumers (of any RIF dialect) which implement the specified compatibility. At least one must do RDF compatibility, at least one must do OWL compatibility, and at least one must implement importing with one or more profiles.
Implementations of FLD are specifications of the syntax and semantics of RIF dialects. For FLD, we are looking for at least two new (non-standard, of course) RIF dialects, specified using FLD.