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Notes for meeting the CR Exit Criteria,

Since PRD and BLD consumers are Core consumers, we see no need for additional Core consumers. To validate the Core specification, we merely want two systems which use the distinction about what is or is not in Core, such as Core document validators, or producers which can be set to never emit documents outside of Core.
  • DONE (1 of 2): RIFle from CTIC (although there is a bug causing extra warnings sometimes)
  • DONE (2 of 2): IBM Websphere ILOG JRules consumer notifies when input is Core
  • Chris to ask Susan M. (or someone else try schema checking)
  • Sandro (riftr) -- maybe
Two BLD consumers, implementing at least some of DTB
  • DONE (1 of 2): Iris
  • DONE (2 of 2): Vampire Prime
  • Silk
  • OntoBroker (partial)
  • Eye (no parser)
  • Vampire Prime

Two PRD consumers, implementing at least some of DTB
  • DONE (1 of 2): IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules (not 100%, but good enough)
  • DONE (2 of 2): Oracle Business Rules (Fusion Middleware) (not 100%, but good enough)
For each element of DTB (datatypes and builtins), two consumers (of any RIF dialect) which implement the element.
  • DONE (1 of 2): complete, in IRIS from STII
  • PARTIAL: RIFle, Luis Polo @ CTIC, all but guards and casting
  • PARTIAL: SILK, Mike Dean (? maybe SWRL/XPath only)
  • PARTIAL: OBR almost complete (no binary, plain literals, XML literals)
  • PARTIAL: EYE, from Jos De Roo @ AGFA
  • JRules -- slowly....

NEEDED 2nd implementation of:

 ( ?arg1; pred:is-literal-boolean( ?arg1 ) )
 ( ?arg1; pred:is-literal-PlainLiteral ( ?arg1 ) )
 ( ?arg1; pred:is-literal-XMLLiteral ( ?arg1 ) )
 ( ?arg1; pred:is-literal-not-boolean( ?arg1 ) )
 ( ?arg1; pred:is-literal-not-PlainLiteral ( ?arg1 ) )
 ( ?arg1; pred:is-literal-not-XMLLiteral ( ?arg1 ) )
Two consumers (of any RIF dialect) which implement the specified compatibility. At least one must do RDF compatibility, at least one must do OWL compatibility, and at least one must implement importing with one or more profiles.
  • DONE (1 of 1 OWL): SILK (Mike Dean) reports successful use of OWL RL ruleset for OWL compatibility
  • DONE (1 of 1 RDF): riftr (Sandro) reports importing RDF with simple entailment
  • RDF in Eye (no parser)
  • OWL (RL) - FuXi is a good candidate (maybe no parser)
Implementations of FLD are specifications of the syntax and semantics of RIF dialects. For FLD, we are looking for at least two new (non-standard, of course) RIF dialects, specified using FLD.
  • DONE (1 of 2): Stijn Heymans' and Michael Kifer's CASPD (core answer set programming dialect)
  • DONE (2 of 2): RIF-URD (Zhao, Boley -- Uncertainty Rules)
  • BBN -- coming shortly -- next week?