Focusing on Web Accessibility Outside the Gray Area

Shawn Lawton Henry for Web Foundations 2005


Some aspects of Web accessibility are easy. For those, it is clear what is good for accessibility and what is bad for accessibility; it is "black and white". However, there are also many "gray areas" where it is difficult to define what is good and what is bad for accessibility overall. Most Web accessibility projects focus on research and development in the gray areas — determining solutions, guidelines, and evaluation criteria for the difficult aspects of Web accessibility. While it is important that we continue to work on the difficult aspects, we risk alienating mainstream Web developers if we focus only in those gray areas. We need to also focus on making the black and white aspects clear and easy for everyone involved in Web development.

This talk covers improving Web accessibility in the mainstream by:

This talk also introduces issues of the intersections between accessibility and usability (a very gray area, indeed).

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