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Laurent Lefort

I am a researcher from the CSIRO ICT Centre in Canberra. I work as an ontologist in the team working on the application of semantic web technologies to develop environmental sensor networks for biodiversity, water and climate change research. My current research interests include the design of ontologies, linked datasets, semantic mashups and their use in data-intensive research service infrastructures.

I have joined the Incubator Activity, initially as a simple participant and later (May 2010) as a co-chair, replacing Holger Neuhaus (and formerly Amit Parashar) in this role. I have also contributed to the SSN-XG outputs through posts on the wiki and mailing list for the ontology and the semantic markup deliverables.

I'm also a member of the Ontology for Devices working group @ MMI http://marinemetadata.org/community/teams/ontdevices

Finally, I also work for the W3C Australia office where I help to organise events promoting W3C standards.

Home page: http://www.ict.csiro.au/staff/laurent.lefort/