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Method used to manage the SSN XG Bibliography collection


Thanks to the Provenance XG for documenting their method to manage bibliography collection.

We have used the same approach to share some of the references used in the XG report.

(the explanations below are an extract from the Provenance XG wiki)

To make the bibliography collection public, we have decided to use two different tools: Mendeley and BibBase.

Mendeley is a Web and Desktop Application, not open source but free to use. It allows to manage and share research papers, find new documents and tag the existant papers in order to create a collection thanks to the community. It also combines an application for managing the PDFs with the Web Application.

On the other hand, BibBase is an appplication for watching the publications in a more eye-catching way. It allows the user to filter the collection by year, month author, abstract, tags, volume, etc., it generates an RSS feed of the page, it publishes the bibliographic information in the Semantic Web via http://data.bibbase.org/ and enables some statistics like the count of page visits or downloaded papers.

Tagging system

The tagging system used here is designed as a help to navigate the references of the XG report, with three main purposes:

  • to identify the papers authored by the SSN XG participants "SSN" and by other researchers "following" the activities of the XG and working on applications or extensions of the SSN Ontology "SSNO applications",
  • to isolate the papers about the uses cases discussed in the XG report, with the following tags: “discovery”, “sensor selection”, “provenance”, “diagnosis”, “tasking”
  • to isolate the papers focusing on specific topics: “ontology”, “semantic sensor web”, “semantic sensor network”, “internet of things”, "linked data", "semantic markup", and also "OGC standards"

Note: for the BibBase version, the tags (and the URLs) use the "_" character to handle the white spaces in the tag name. The Mendeley tags are defined with white spaces which are handled as "+" in the URLs and as "_" on the page displaying the tags clouds.

Bibliography Links

Full collection

The full collection can be accessed via

  • Mendeley ssn-xg-public group (to see the bibliography related to any tag, just click in the tag cloud in the left)
  • BibBase here (it may take a few seconds to load)

The file currently used is the one posted via the mailing list but I have set up a permanent URL http://purl.oclc.org/NET/ssnx/ssn-xg-public.bib to allow it to be moved (or updated again via the mailing list)


Type of applications

Topic BibBase sub-collection Mendeley sub-collection
semantic sensor networks semantic sensor network semantic sensor network
internet of things internet of things internet of things
semantic sensor web semantic sensor web semantic sensor web
linked data linked data linked data

Use cases

Articles focusing on a category or sub-category of use cases.

Topic BibBase sub-collection Mendeley sub-collection
(Data Discovery and Linking)
discovery discovery
sensor selection
(Device Discovery and Selection)
sensor selection sensor selection
(Provenance and Diagnosis)
provenance provenance
(Provenance and Diagnosis)
diagnosis diagnosis
(Operation Tasking and Programming)
tasking tasking
(Operation Tasking and Programming)
programming programming

SSN community

Topic BibBase sub-collection Mendeley sub-collection
SSN (papers and reports authored, or co-authored, by XG participants) SSN SSN
SSNO applications (papers and reports describing applications or plans to use the SSN ontology) SSNO application SSNO application
OGC standards OGC standards OGC standards

Other parts of the XG reports

For these two topics, see also the References section of the XG report.

Topic BibBase sub-collection Mendeley sub-collection
ontology ontology ontology
semantic markup semantic markup semantic markup