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Mendeley & BibBase Collection

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To make the bibliography collection public, we have decided to use two different tools: Mendeley and BibBase.

Mendeley is a Web and Desktop Application, not open source but free to use. It allows to manage and share research papers, find new documents and tag the existant papers in order to create a collection thanks to the community. It also combines an application for managing the PDFs with the Web Application.

In the W3C incubator working group we have found this tool useful to add antries to a common collection and tag them according to the different provenance dimensions. The whole collection is available here (to see the bibliography related to any tag, just click in the tag cloud in the left).

On the other hand, BibBase is an appplication for watching the publications in a more eye-catching way. It allows the user to filter the collection by year, month author, abstract, tags, volume, etc., it generates an RSS feed of the page, it publishes the bibliographic information in the Semantic Web via http://data.bibbase.org/ and enables some statistics like the count of page visits or downloaded papers. The collection can be found here.

The group started the bibliography collection with Mendeley's tools. To assure that at least some of the dimensions and scenarios were covered by the papers uploaded by the members of the group, a tagging process and a list of tasks were specified. This included also instructions about how to add a new entry in the collection, the tag format and tag categories recommended to use. Also, some members of the group were designated to curate the collection.

When more than 120 papers had been tagged and the tasks were accomplished, the collection was ported to BibBase. Therefore, the Bibbase collection comes from the latest curation of the Mendeley Collection.

Bibliography Links

Bibliography relevant to the 3 scenarios

Scenario BibBase Mendeley
News Aggregator Scenario News Aggregator collection News Aggregator collection
Disease Outbreak Scenario Disease Outbreak collection Disease Outbreak collection
Business Contract Scenario Business Contract collection Business Contract collection

Bibliography relevant to the Provenance Dimensions


Provenance Dimension BibBase Mendeley
Object ObjectCollection ObjectCollection
Attibution Attribution Collection Attribution Collection
Process Process Collection Process Collection
Evolution and versioning Evolution Collection, Versioning Collection Evolution Collection, Versioning Collection
Justification for Decisions Justification Collection Justification Collection
Entailment Entailment Collection Entailment Collection(2) Entailment Collection


Provenance Dimension BibBase Mendeley
Publication Publication Collection Publication Collection
Access Access Collection Access Collection
Dissemination control Dissemination Collection Dissemination Collection
Scale Scale Collection Scale Collection


Provenance Dimension BibBase Mendeley
Understanding Understanding Collection Understanding Collection
Interoperability Interoperability Collection Interoperability Collection
Comparison Comparison Collection Comparison Collection
Accountability Accountability Collection Accountability Collection
Trust Trust Collection Trust Collection
Imperfections Imperfections Collection Imperfections Collection
Debugging Debugging Collection Debugging Collection