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Weekly Telecons

The Provenance Incubabor Group has regular telecons, scheduled weekly on Friday at 11am Boston time.

Conference details:

 Bridge US: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)
 Bridge UK: +44.117.370.6152
 Bridge FR: +
 Conference code : 98765
 Duration : 60 minutes

The calls are coordinated with an IRC channel #prov-xg. You can simply go to http://irc.w3.org/?channels=prov-xg.

Past Telecons

A Brief Introduction to IRC

This section has instructions for how to to participate in W3C telecons using IRC. The information here should be sufficient to allow you to participate, we also provide pointers if you are interested to learn more.

Because many meetings at W3C involve people in different locations, they are run using IRC to manage turns to speak during the calls as well as note taking in a way that is coordinated. The IRC channel and the phone are coordinated through what is called the Zakim Bridge. If you do not have access to IRC or the Internet, you can always participate only over the phone.

Basic Information to Participate in IRC

A simple way to participate in IRC is to go to:


and fill the form with the following information:

Nick: <a nickname that will identify you in the channel>
Realname: <your real name>
Channel: prov-xg

Once you are there you will also be able to see the meeting notes as they are typed by the scribe.

You can make a comment by typing a short message in the prompt at the bottom of the screen and submitting it.

You can ask for a turn to speak by adding yourself to the speaker queue:


This places you in the speaker queue and the chair will call on you when it is your turn to speak.

Identifying Yourself in IRC

When you call in to the Zakim bridge, an identifier is assigned to you based on your phone number. If you have never called Zakim from that phone before it may be a strange identifier. If you have called the Zakim bridge before from that number it will often remember who you are. If you share a switchboard with others in your organization who participate in other groups, Zakim may assign you their name. Here we explain how to fix these issues, so your identifier in IRC and your phone code are the same.

To check whether your name is assigned properly to your phone code, you can ask Zakim in IRC:

	who's on the phone?

If you cannot find your name, you will need to figure out which of the phone codes may correspond to you. Sometimes you can do that based on the area code if the phone code reflects that. You may be able to tell by looking at what phone signed in more recently. To reassign an identifier to your name, you can say:

	Zakim, <identifier> is really me

If you are going to call often from a given phone number, you can register the number by filling this form.

More information:


Additional Information and Pointers

For more information:

Scribing for the Provenance XG Group

This section has instructions for how to scribe for the group. The information here should be sufficient, but you can always find more information at:

Setting up the IRC Channel Before the Meeting

You should set up 10 or 15 mins before the meeting, so people can join ahead of time and be identified before the meeting begins.

First, join IRC with this channel:

join #prov-xg

Next you would have to invite Zakim and RRSagent, but we have a trackbot set up for the group that will do this automatically, so all you have to do is say:

trackbot, start telcon

You will see the RRSA agent and trackbot getting things ready. Then type (this is probably not needed):

Zakim, this will be inc_provxg

Before the Meeting Begins

 Agenda: <URI to mailing list archive entry with the agenda>
 chair: Yolanda Gil
 Scribe: <scribe name>
 ScribeNick: <scribe nickname>
 rrsagent, make logs public

During the Meeting

Note Taking

Your main role is to take notes and scribe important points discussed at the meeting, recording who made the point.

Attendance & Phone Participation

To find out who is participating in the meeting:

zakim, who is here?
    displays a list of who is on the phone and IRC 

Sometimes people call from an unusual phone number or connection and then the phone codes listed do not correspond to the names of the participants in IRC. You can ask people if they are calling from the area code shown, or you may have to do a little detective work to find out who is on IRC and not identified on the phone. Once you determine who a phone code corresponds to you can say:

zakim, [Phone Code] is [Correct_Name]

To find out whose phone connection is noisy:

zakim, who is making noise?

Managing the Agenda and Topics

zakim, agenda?
    lists all agenda items (the agenda should have been loaded when the meeting was setup)
agenda+ [text]
    adds a topic to the agenda
zakim, next item
    moves to the next agenda item
zakim, pickup agendum [number]
    moves to the selected agenda item
zakim, close item [number]
    closes the previous item number and moves to the next open item
topic: [text]
    puts a topic title and a divider in the minutes for a change of topic (usually topic is not the agenda) 

Managing the Speaker Queue

   Lists who is on the speaker queue
ack [Name]
   To record that the chair has given the floor to someone in the queue
q- [Name]
   To remove someone from the queue

Action items and Issues Management

The Trackbot agent always joins the IRC and is available to track action items. These are the commands to use:

ACTION: [user] to [text] - due [when]
    Records a new action item, where:
       IRC nick is the best format for [user].
       [user] will also accept "unassigned" or "TBD" (omit quotes) if the action is unassigned. 
       Most common date formats are accepted as [when] (eg, 2005-02-14).

    will return the status on that action. 

close ACTION-[number] or ACTION-[number] closed

ACTION-[number] due [when]
    will change the due date 

trackbot, comment action-[number] [text] or ACTION-[number]
    adds a comment to the action

ISSUE: [text]
    creates a new issue (Issues are tracked separately from Actions are not assigned to indiviuals. 
    An Issue can have Actions associated with it. 

    returns the status information on an issue

ISSUE-[number]: [text]
    annotates the issue 

RESOLVED: [text]
    is given prominence in the minutes 

After the Meeting Adjourns

To draft the minutes and dismiss the bots all you have to say is:

rrsagent, set log public
rrsagent, draft minutes
trackbot, end telcon

The RRSAgent will list a pointer to the minutes and then it will be dismissed. Add the pointer to the minutes, agenda, and any action items to the wiki:

And that's it, you are done. Thank you for volunteering to be scribe!