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Project: YouTube Video on Triples in Linked Data


  • Tom Baker <tbaker@tbaker.de>
  • Joe Provenzano <provenzano@wis.edu>, Washington International School, http://www.wis.edu/


  • Video showing triples being constructed into graphs using tinkertoys or biochemical model kits.
  • Scripted by the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group (at any rate the part about example triples used).
  • Narrated by WIS students.
  • Stop-action video, with hands coming in to connect new triples to the growing graph.
  • Other visually interesting elements, such as animation, perhaps scripted by the students, for example to convey the notion of mashing-up data from different sources.
  • LLD XG and DCMI to provide a basic script with voice-over.
  • Tom to work with Joe and his students by explaining the content, brainstorming with them about presentation, and providing input and feedback on the visual results.
  • Published on YouTube.


  • Tom: Video could start slow, connecting up a few triples, then once the main idea has been presented, the action could accelerate, with hands flying in from right and left until a complex graph of linked data has resulted.
  • Tom: Script could include merging data in French, Dutch, or other WIS languages, with the voice-over spoken by native-speaker students, with subtitles in English, tying in with the spirit and mission of WIS.
  • Antoine: Using FRBR, show how the more intuitive "work" notion can allow to provide access to all these URIs of book-related E/M/Is (or any mixing of them) in a multilingual domain. Starting with one language-specific E/M/I worked out in RDF, then have hundreds of balls thrown at a poor guy with as many language-specific titles voiced in the background. But FRBR comes to the rescue, bringing structure with one magic ball that connects them all.
  • Tom: If the storyboard were to involve discovering the BBC production through a Linked Data pathway, might we be able, in the YouTube video, to flash a one- or two-second clip from the movie, perhaps framed in a hand-drawn television screen? Maybe just long enough for the actress Ellie Kendrick to say "My name is Anne" -- something like that?


Author page at the Open Library:

A search of Open Library (on what turns out NOT to be the title) shows a lot of related works, including teachers' editions:

Dutch GTAA thesaurus entries

BBC "microsite" for Anne Frank Series (Web page set up for some TV series, "brands")

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/annefrank/about.shtml
  • Note: The separation between microsites and the programmes data is a bit confusing, but the underlying data appears to be all available in RDF. All BBC programmes (since roughly 2006) are in /programmes. but some programs are important enough to have a microsite.

Linked Data for the programmes will be available from any of the /programmes URIs on the BBC website, e.g. by clicking through to the episode list:

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00gny29
  • Adding .rdf to the URL, or doing content negotiation will get you RDF for that episode.
  • /programmes provides RDF for programme brands, series, episodes, versions etc according to the programmes ontology
  • http://purl.org/ontology/po/
  • /programmes links to any microsite using po:microsite
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00gvptr - the series homepage (with RDF available)
  • /programmes/:pid/microsite will redirect to the microsite URL.
  • microsites also link back to /programmes but not in a (machine) predictable way.

All five BBC episodes have clips (but not full length programmes) available online

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Works about or by, and most held book about or by Frank, Anne, with a chart; related identities, associated subjects ... http://www.worldcat.org/wcidentities/lccn-n79-125789

Multilingual authority files of Frank, Anne, 1929 1945 via VIAF http://viaf.org/viaf/27064673/#Frank,%20Anne,%201929-1945