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The mission of the Library Linked Data incubator group is to help increase global interoperability of library data on the Web, by bringing together people involved in Semantic Web activities—focusing on Linked Data—in the library community and beyond, building on existing initiatives, and identifying collaboration tracks for the future.

The group has explored how existing building blocks of librarianship, such as metadata models, metadata schemas, standards and protocols for building interoperability and library systems and networked environments, encourage libraries to bring their content, and generally re-orient their approaches to data interoperability towards the Web, also reaching to other communities. It has also envisioned these communities as a potential major provider of authoritative datasets (persons, topics...) for the Linked Data Web. As these evolutions raise a need for a shared standardization effort within the library community around (Semantic) Web standards, the group has sought to refine the knowledge of this need, express requirements for standards and guidelines, and propose a way forward for the library community to contribute to further Web standardization actions.


The W3C Incubator group has published three reports, as announced in this news release:

Further information

See the charter and the Group's Wiki space for more information.

A publicly writeable Community Wiki space is also available for contributions on the Library Linked Data topic by the general community.


W3C Advisory Committee Representatives may join this XG on behalf of their organizations by completing this online form. Non-Members may join W3C or ask the Chair of an Incubator Group to participate as an Invited Expert, subject to W3C's policy for approval of Invited Experts.

Participants are automatically subscribed to the Member and public mailing lists when they join the group Non-Participants may also subscribe. Please read more about W3C mailing list and archive usage.

Tom Baker, Emmanuelle Bermes, and Antoine Isaac (Europeana), Library Linked Data Incubator Group Chairs
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