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Long description of Figure 3: Expenses Aggregated by category in SVG

This figure consists of a screen-shot of a Rich Internet Application (RIA). The screen is divided into 3 sections:

The first section of the user interface is comprised of a row of four buttons, labeled:

  1. "Add an Expense"
  2. "Plot by Categories"
  3. "Plot by Date"
  4. "Get Paid"
  5. "Help"

The second section of the user interface, beneath the row of five buttons, there are four columns of edit boxes which are populated with expense information. The first column contains classification information -- which falls into such categories as "Food", "Travel", "Housing", etc. The second column of edit boxes contains clarifying information about the expense categorized by the first column of edit boxes; e.g., "lunch at airport", "airfare" and "hotel". The third column contains the amount of the expense detailed in the previous two edit boxes in currency amounts. The fourth and final column of edit boxes contains the date upon which the expense was transacted. The last item in each row of columns is a labeled graphic indicating "Delete Entry".

The third section of the user interface contains an auto-updated output/results field. The first item in this field is an SVG-generated pie-chart, whose values have been calculated from the data input by the user and/or by the underlying script. Beneath the pie-chart, expenses are listed by category:

along with the total amount spent in each category and the grand total of expenses, expressed in currency.

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