W3C Sysweb Team Online XSLT 2.0 Service

Important: W3C runs this service for its own use. The service,runs on Jigsaw, is based on Saxon and supports XSLT 2.0, is available publicly, but usage is subject to the conditions set forth below.




Status of this Service

This Saxon-based service replaces the XT based service W3C has been using since June 2000. It should be fully backwards compatible. All transformation links using the old service will be redirected to this one.

Conditions for Use

This service is provided without warranty.

This service is freely (show your support) provided for interactive use by individuals only and not to be utilized as a regular service by sites other than w3.org. We will consider blocking high volume usage or any usage that causes a strain on our Web servers.

Abuses of this service will be deterred, please report any incidents. To deter this service being utilized by spammers, SURBL is implemented.

You may also wish to install the application locally rather than using the W3C service. For your convenience a compiled version of this servlet and the org.w3c classes used are collected into a jar. (md5: 9c61d9ef70e0f92636fe0d080dde943e)

User Interface Options

Source Inputs

XML and XSL resource URIs are necessary to complete a transformation.

You may pass additional variables to your XSLT in the URI. All name value parameters received in querystring are made available to the XSL transformer.

Input sources may be gzip-compressed but must be served with the proper Content-Encoding header.

XSL extensions are purposely disabled for security considerations.

Recursive Authentication

Example of when to use:

and any of those resources may require authentication.

Authentication in General

Resources that require Basic Authentication will be automatically detected and user should be prompted accordingly.

Limited to basic authentication for now, digest may follow.

Passwords are not stored merely passed through.

Output Options

Enabling "Forward language/content accept headers" will pass the Accept* headers from the client accessing this service and pass them on in requests for the XML and XSL resources. This is useful if the server[s] for those resources do content and/or language negotiation to provide resources accordingly.

The Content-Type field overrides media-type and encoding of xsl output if in stylesheet. The default value is "text/html; charset=utf-8". Note: ignored in debug and trace mode.

You may wish to gzip encode the response output for instance to pass to another service that allows or prefers compressed input.

Debug Options

Selecting the "show trace" option will provide xml output, overriding the Content-Type option and sets it to application/xml, tracing through the steps of the transformation. This will allow better review as to how the xslt is processing the xml. Instead of Content-Type application/xml you may prefer text/plain by using in conjunction with "debug output" or setting Content-Type.

"Suppress Transform output" will keep the result of the transformation from coming back in response, this is useful to see only the trace, validate and/or debug outputs.

Selecting the "debug output" option will give more details, showing all the parameters received, what mime type would be set (debug output is in text/plain), which parsers are being used, and all error output received during transformation.

Select the "validate" option to have xml resources and results validated against remote dtd, ent and mod resources, XML Schema xsd is not supported as this service uses the free, non-commercial version of Saxon. It will also generate XSLT version 1 versus 2 warnings.

Fill in this Form only

You may append &submit=form_only or prepend submit=form_only& to your querystring to have the arguments fill into this form but not perform the XSL Transformation. This may be useful for bookmarking and returning to resume work on xslts being tested or present user with choice of options.

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