New Position: Web Internationalization

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is looking for a new team member at its Keio University (Japan) host working on Internationalization in its Architecture domain, to continue to assure proper internationalization of W3C technology and to assist with W3C's work as team contact. The role of a W3C team contact is described in the W3C process.

Your mission is to advance Web internationalization, so that current Web technology stays, and new Web technology becomes, usable for people around the world, independent of their language, script, or culture.

In coordination with the Internationalization Activity Lead, and with the Working Groups and Interest Group in the Internationalization Activity, you will develop and review W3C specifications and guidelines with respect to internationalization, including follow up work with other working groups. You will also contribute to the development of the internationalization aspects of Web architecture, document existing best practices, give presentations on Web internationalization, and help maintain the Internationalization part of the W3C Web site.

W3C Hosts are located at MIT in Boston, USA, at ERCIM in Sophia-Antipolis and Grenoble in France, and at Keio University in Fujisawa, Japan. You will be based at Keio University, but you will have to travel often, to working group meetings or conferences as well as to the other W3C hosts.

Note: the deadline to send applications is January 11, 2005, midnight US/Pacific time.



As the recognized leader for the technical development of the World Wide Web, we seek an individual with both Web technology and project management experience, a good understanding of the Web industry, eagerness to make the Web more international and interoperable, and enthusiasm for the mission and spirit of W3C.

To apply, please send a motivation letter and your résumé or CV in electronic form to keio-i18n-application@w3.org.

3 December 2004