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W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop
November 18-19, 2004


Each presentation is 30 minutes in duration unless otherwise noted. Speakers should prepare to present for 15 minutes and expect discussion for the remaining time.

Many more papers were submitted to the workshop than could be presented in the time available. The papers presented were selected based on formal paper reviews by the Workshop program committee. A complete list of position papers is available, and is a recommended reading list for the workshop.

Thursday, November 18th
Registration, 8.00a - 8.30a
Morning Session I, 8.30a - 10.30a
Break, 10.30a - 11.00a
Morning Session II, 11.00a - 1.00p
Lunch, 1.00p - 2.00p, Room Change
Afternoon Session I, 2.00p - 3.00p

    Session Chair: Daniel Appelquist, Vodafone

  • "Device Information" Panel
    • Rotan Hanrahan, MobileAware [Slides]
    • Stephane Maes, Oracle [Slides]
    • James Pearce, Argogroup [Slides]
Break, 3.00p - 3.30p: Room Change
Afternoon Session II, 3.30p - 5.00p
Afternoon Session III, 5.00p - 6.30p
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Breakout 1: Device Information
    • Breakout 2: OMA/W3C Liaison and Coordination
    • Breakout 3: "Best Practices" + Mobile OK [meeting notes]
  • 8:00p: Busses leave for Restaurant
  • 8:30p: Dinner starts
  • 11:30p: Busses return
Friday, November 19th
Registration 8.00a - 8.30a
Morning Session I, 8.30a - 10.00a
Break, 10.00a - 10.15a
Morning Session II, 10.15a - 11.45p
Break, 11.45p - 12.00p
Morning Session III, 12.00p - 1.00p
Lunch, 1.00p - 2.00p
Afternoon Session II, 2.00p - 4.30p

    Session Chair: Philipp Hoschka, W3C

  • Discussion on moving forward, for example:
    • What areas of work should W3C persue?
    • What are the scope and the characteristics of each area?
    • Which areas to pursue first, second ... later?

For more information about the workshop, please see the call for participation.

Daniel Appelquist, Philipp Hoschka and Evan Smouse, program chairs
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