W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop: Position papers

18-19 November 2004 - Barcelona, Spain

This is the list of papers that were submitted to the W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop.

# Authors Affiliation Title
1 Rhys Lewis Volantis Device Independence and the Mobile Web Initiative
2 Enrique Varela FUNDACION ONCE Position paper for the workshop MOBILE WEB INITIATIVE
3 James Pearce Argogroup W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop - Argogroup Position Paper
4 Stephane Maes Oracle Position Statement for Mobile Web Initiative: A universal channel delivery context and device information repository
5 Johan Hjelm Ericsson Ericsson Position Paper - Mobile Web Initiative Workshop
6 Vibeke Wara MuLiMob MuLiMob - Multilingualism and mobility
8 David Nuescheler Day Software Position of Day Software for W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop
9 Elena Cigliano, Andrea Crevola, Lara Marcellin CSP – ICT Innovation S.c.ar.l. Multichannel Hub
10 Claes Nilsson Obigo Obigo AB Position Paper for the W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop
11 Rotan Hanrahan MobileAware Position Statement of MobileAware Ltd
12 Keith A. Marlow Yahoo! Europe Engineering W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop
13 Gabriel Guillaume, Alain Morvan, Ed Mitukiewicz, Keith Waters, Philippe Lucas France Telecom Research and Development, Orange The Integrated Operator: A Mobile Perspective
14 Art Barstow, Bennett Marks, Ora Lassila Nokia Nokia's Position Paper for the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative Workshop
15 Daniel Tagg Culture Online, Department for Culture, Media & Sport Culture Online Position Statement
16 Carl Taylor 3UK Position statement for 3
17 Ed Rice Hewlett-Packard Mobile Enterprise
18 Paul Burke Hewlett-Packard Mobile Printing
19 Robert Hyerle Hewlett-Packard The Mobile Web and the Mobile Communication Service Provider
20 David Bosschaert and Eric Newcomer IONA Technologies The Need for New Mobile Web Technologies
21 Doug Dominiak Openwave Systems Inc. Openwave Position Paper W3C Mobile Web Initiative Workshop
22 Daniel F. Zucker, Toshihiko Yamakami, Michimasa Uematsu,Tomy Kamada ACCESS Co., Ltd. Position Paper W3C Mobile Web Initiative Workshop
23 Timo Bruns, Ove Ranheim Opera W3C Mobile Web Initiative Position Paper
24 Dave Raggett W3C/Canon Winning users over with more attractive and more flexible mobile web applications
25 Peter Stark Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson position paper - Mobile Web Initiative Workshop
26 Stewart Fallis, BT; Ian Millard, University of Southampton; David De Roure; University of Southampton BT; University of Southampton Challenges in Context
27 Ronny Sthoeger Adamind Inc. Adamind Position Paper for the W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop
28 Kazunari Kubota NTT DoCoMo NTT DoCoMo Position Paper
29 Romi Parmar Totalbrand W3C Mobile Web Initiative - Mobile Lifestyle and Compelling Service
30 Laurent Sanchez PalmSource Position Paper for the W3C "Mobile Web Initiative" Workshop
31 Jim Smith, Normen B. Kowalewski T-Mobile Position Statement for W3C Mobile Web Initiative
32 Daniel Appelquist Vodafone Group Services Ltd W3C Mobile Web Initiative Workshop: Input Paper for Vodafone
33 Nuno Goncalves Pedro mTLD consortium W3C Mobile Web Initiative Workshop - Position Paper of the Mobile TLD Consortium
34 Konstantinos Chandrinos Internet Content Filtering Group, IIT - NCSR "Demokritos" Content-aware proxy applications for the Mobile Web
35 Jon Ferraiolo, Adobe Systems, Inc., Bradley Sipes, ZoomOn, Magnus Zetterberg, ZoomOn Adobe, ZoomOn Adobe/ZoomOn Position on Mobile Web Initiative
36 Atul Asthana Research In Motion BlackBerry Solution Overview
37 Robin Berjon Expway Expway's Position Paper on the Mobile Web Initiative
Unreviewed papers that arrived after submission deadline:
38 Masood Mortazavi Sun Mobile Web Initiative—a position paper from Sun
39 Sunghan Kim, Jaehong Min, Jonghwa Lee, Hyeongho Lee ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) Implementaion of Personalization Service based on Mobile Web Service Platform
40 Matti Oivio, Teppo Jansson, Ari Myllylä, Pekka Järvinen Nordea W3C Mobile Web Initiavive – Nordea position paper
41 Gaëlle Martin-Cocher Streamezzo Streamezzo’s Position Paper on the Mobile Web Initiative
42 Josep Paradells i2CAT i2CAT position paper

Philipp Hoschka for the "Mobile Web Initiative" Chairs
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