Prof: Josep Paradells.

From I2Cat there are several people interested in attending the W3C conference. 
I2Cat has been involved in the area of mobile Internet. In particular in topics 
such terminal identification (UAProf, CC/PP and MPEG-21), content adaptation 
for optimal transfer and display. ( 
In addition Josep Paradells (full professor) and Aniol Masana (research assistant) have been 
involved in other projects related to the wireless Internet. Recently they have been involved 
in an IST project called RIU253 where problems related to the usage of common Internet 
protocols over wireless where identified and solved. Similar studies have been also done 
for Vodafone Spain (GPRS) and Telefonica Móviles (UMTS). In addition they has been involved 
in an evaluation of commercial PEPs (performance enhancing proxy) funded by Flash Networks.

Since some of the I2Cat activities are related with the topics covered by W3C it is 
considered a great opportunity to attend the conference since this is hosted by 
I2Cat using the university facilities. The presentations proposed offer a life 
feedback about the point of view of different organisation to the mobile web, 
and can offer valuable information to the research activities inside I2Cat