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Minutes of 28 June 2004 TAG teleconference

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0. In Memoriam

Some tributes to Mario available. Many thanks to Paul Cotton for organizing a floral tribute on behalf of the TAG.

1. Administrative

  1. Roll call: SW (Chair), NW, RF, CL, IJ, PC (towards the end of the call after dentist appt). Regrets: TBL, DC.
  2. Resolved to accept the minutes of the 14 June teleconf.
  3. Accepted this agenda.
  4. Next meeting: 12 July. Likely regrets: TBL. Possible regrets from IJ.

1.1 Editing roles

1.1.1 DO and TB as contributing editors

  1. Action TBL 2004/05/12: Talk to TB and DO about editor role. (Proposal from SW that this is done).

    SW: Ack of continuing involvement/editing in some forum?


SW: Ack of continuing involvement/editing in some forum? DO has expressed desire to help us out editing versioning finding.
Resolved: Ack and thank TB and DO for their offers to help continue to edit findings on which they were working.

Resolved: Invite DO to the ftf meeting (in particular to discuss extensioning and versioning).

Action SW: Send an ack to them on www-tag.

1.1.2 IJ changing role

  1. IJ to be acting W3C Head of Communications 1 July. IJ expects to help NW with editing, but otherwise setting low expectations for TAG participation during the summer and early fall.


IJ: I expect to produce another draft, for the TR page, then hand editor reins over to NW until Oct 2004. I expect to have a minimal role in the TAG, helping NW edit in the background.
NW: Two other duties: scribing, issues list management.
[Discussion of prettying up the IRC log]
IJ: I pretty them up, copy them into agenda, link from home page, announce to www-tag/public-tag-announce. I can send script and description of what I do.
CL: I can do the prettying up if required.
Action IJ: Send description of how minutes are produced to tag@w3.org.
SW: Please note that I'm out from 19 July until the ftf meeting 9 August. Others will, as Chairs, need to prepare agenda and send it to www-tag (and link from TAG home page).
NW: I'll be chairing.
[On issues tracking]
[IJ drones on about issue management.]
SW: I propose that NW and I look at that. I'd like to do minimal disruption.
NW: Please expect me to not drive issues list management much.

Action IJ and SW: Work on transition handling issues.

1.2 Meeting schedule

Reminder: Action TAG 2004/06/07: Send summer regrets to TAG list.

  1. AC meeting rescheduled for 2-3 December. Does this affect whether to hold TAG ftf meeting in November?
  2. Ottawa meeting update?
    1. Action NW/PC 2004/06/14: Prepare ftf meeting agenda. See email from Paul.
    2. Resolved: Invite DO to attend the meeting in Ottawa, in particular to discuss extensioning and versioning.
    3. Action NW: Invite DO to the meeting on behalf of the Chair.

1.3 TAG Charter

Action IJ 2004/06/07: Report back on next AB meeting to discuss TAG charter and relation to patent policy. See AB meeting summary, which essentially states that they think the policy applies, but no consensus yet on how.

IJ: The Team is currently discussing; I will keep you posted.

2. Technical

See also open actions by owner and open issues.

2.1 xml11Names-46

Was Norm email forwarded to the XML CG?

NW: The XML CG has discussed it.

Resolved: NW's action completed. Move this issue to the pending state.

Action IJ: Ensure that this issue is in the TAG issues list in the pending state.

2.2 httpRange-14 status

Action TBL/RF 2004/05/13: Write up a summary position to close httpRange-14, text for document.

2.3 IRI draft status in IETF

Action CL 2004/06/14: Draft text basd on 14 June discussion and send to TAG for review. (Proposal)


CL: Ignore "If it is not normative, please"
NW: CL proposal looks fine.
RF: Sounds good.

Resolved: No objections to this text from CL.
Action CL: Tidy up and send to I18N WG, copying www-tag (as a response to Addison)

2.4 Web Architecture Document Last Call

2.4.1 Heartbeat Requirement

Should we request that 8 June draft be published on the TR page?


IJ: Should we request that 8 June draft be published on the TR page?
- TAG approves 8 June draft.
- TAG authorizes editor to incorporate minor changes.
- IJ requests publication as a TR doc.
okay by me
Resolved: TAG requests that the Editor request publication of the 8 June draft plus very conservative editorial changes as a WD. [Unanimous decision by those present.]

2.4.2 Action item review

Paul arrives.


NW: I proposed two paras of text. I don't propose to make any changes to my text based on follow-up comments thus far.
CL: Yeah verily to NW's text.
IJ: What about using owl:sameAs ?
NW: I don't imagine using that mechanism in most contexts where xml namespaces are used.
its not clear that this is the same namespace name, even if owl asserts they are the sameAs
SW: s/exorbitant/prohibitive
IJ: s/exorbitant/high
SW: Proposed to accept NW's text.
Resolved: Accept NW's proposal.

Action IJ: Incorporate into the next (TR) draft.

2.4.3 Reviews of 8 June Draft

See the 8 June 2004 Editor's Draft.

Various suggestions about section 4.1 made during the meeting for which there was agreement:

  1. In section 4.1, move Note before 4.2 to third para in 4.1.
  2. After "In principle, all data can be represented using textual formats." say "In practice, audio and video content, for example, are generally encoded using a binary format."

Actions from 2004/06/14 that are continued:

  1. DC to review section 2 of 8 June draft.
  2. PC to review sections 1, 5, and 6 of 8 June draft.
  3. CL to review section 4 of 8 June draft.
  4. SW, NW to review entire 8 June draft.


  1. Last Call issues list (sorted by section)
  2. Annotated version of WebArch
  3. Archive of public-webarch-comments
  4. List of actions by TAG participant

The TAG did not discuss issues below this line.

3. Status report on these findings

See also TAG findings

4. Other action items

Ian Jacobs for Stuart Williams and TimBL
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