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Registrants of the W3C Workshop on the long term Future of P3Pand Enterprise Privacy Languages

There are 13 registrants. (Sorted by name)
Nr. Name Organization email
28 Steven B. Adler IBM Tivoli Security & Privacy adler1 at us.ibm.com
4 Sumit Amar Net Solutions India sumit at khosla.com
4 Helmut Bämler Independent Center for Privacy Protection mail at datenschutzzentrum.de
26 Jeroen de Rooij LawIDs
4 Jeremy Epling Microsoft Incorporation jepling at windows.microsoft.com
30 Marit Hansen Independent Center for Privacy Protection ld10 at datenschutzzentrum.de
30 Giles Hogben Joint Research Center of the European Commissson giles.hogben at jrc.it
29 Guenter Karjoth IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
30 Jan Möller Independent Center for Privacy Protection ld81 at datenschutzzentrum.de
30 Siani Pearson Hewlet Packard Siani.Pearson at hp.com
30 Thomas Petri Independent Center for Privacy Protection ld8 at datenschutzzentrum.de
30 Tomas Sander Hewlet Packard tomas.sander at hp.com
29 Matthias Schunter IBM Zurich Research Laboratory mts at zurich.ibm.com
56 Rigo Wenning W3C rigo at w3.org
56 Martijn Zuidweg University of Twente m.zuidweg at student.utwente.nl

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