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acquired infoset

From XML Inclusions (XInclude) (2004-12-20) | Glossary for this source

xi:include elements in this infoset are recursively processed to create the acquired infoset. For an intra-document reference (via xpointer attribute) the source infoset is used as the acquired infoset.
attribute set

From XSL Transformations (XSLT) 2.0 (2007-01-23) | Glossary for this source

The xsl:attribute-set element defines a named attribute set: that is, a collection of attribute definitions that can be used repeatedly on different constructed elements.
content set

From Modularization of XHTML (2001-04-10) | Glossary for this source

Some modules define lists of explicit element names called content sets. When a content set is included in a content model, its name will be listed.
data set

From The Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 (P3P1.0) Specification (2002-04-16) | Glossary for this source

A known grouping of data elements, such as "user.home-info.postal". The P3P1.0 base data schema specifies a number of data sets.
document character set

From User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (2002-12-17) | Glossary for this source

In this document, a document character set (a concept from SGML) is a collection of abstract characters that a format specification allows to appear in an instance of the format. A document character set consists of: A "repertoire": A set of abstract characters, such as the Latin letter "A," the Cyrillic letter "I," and the Chinese character meaning "water."Code positions: A set of integer references to characters in the repertoire. For instance, the character set required by the HTML 4 specification [HTML4] is defined in the Unicode specification [UNICODE]. Refer to "Character Model for the World Wide Web" [CHARMOD] for more information about document character sets.
information set

From XML Inclusions (XInclude) (2004-12-20) | Glossary for this source

The term information set refers to the output of an or processor, expressed as a collection of information items and properties as defined by the specification.
MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology)

From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" (1999-07-23) | Glossary for this source

See LCS. Cohost of W3C. mobile devices
Pagers, phones, handheld computers, and so on. All are potentially mobile Internet devices and Web clients.
result infoset

From XML Inclusions (XInclude) (2004-12-20) | Glossary for this source

The output, called the result infoset, is a new infoset which merges the source infoset with the infosets of resources identified by URI references or IRI references appearing in xi:include elements.

From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide (2004-02-10) | Glossary for this source

a mathematical set

From XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language (2007-01-23) | Glossary for this source

Setters are declarations that set the value of some property that affects query processing, such as construction mode, ordering mode, or default collation.
source infoset

From XML Inclusions (XInclude) (2004-12-20) | Glossary for this source

The input for the inclusion transformation consists of a source infoset.
subset language

From Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One (2004-12-15) | Glossary for this source

One language is a subset of a second language if any document in the first language is also a valid document in the second language and has the same interpretation in the second language.

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