Operation of mod_fileiri

Example: Requesting URI contains "rosé" (UTF-8: ros<c3><a9>; iso-8859-1: ros<e9>)

Client behavior Request from Client Filename on Server Server Action Option
IRI ros%C3%A9 ros<c3><a9> 200 OK Backwards
legacy ros%E9 ros<c3><a9> 304 Redirect
Location: ros%C3%A9
ros%C3%A9 200 OK
IRI ros%C3%A9 ros<e9> internal redirect to ros%E9 On
  200 Okay
legacy ros%E9 ros<e9> 304 Redirect
Location: ros%C3%A9
ros%C3%A9 internal redirect to ros%E9
  200 Okay