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Agenda of 10 November 2003 TAG teleconference

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1. Administrative (15min)

  1. Welcome, Roll Call. Regrets: CL
  2. Accept the minutes of the 27 Oct teleconference?

    Completed action IJ: Ping DO and PC for help filling in the blanks.

  3. Accept the minutes of the 3 Nov teleconference?
  4. Accept this agenda?
  5. Accept draft summary for Oct?
  6. Next meeting: 15-17 Nov 2003 TAG ftf meeting in Japan

1.1 TAG ftf meeting at Tech Plenary?

Confirm intention for TAG F2F Monday/Tuesday of Tech Plenary week

1.2 TAG Nov face-to-face meeting agenda

  1. Meeting and agenda page
  2. Agenda outline:
    1. Review of Architecture Document. 12 November version?
    2. Last call decision, timetable, plan.
    3. Breakout sessions to address must do items.
    4. deepLinking-25
      1. Completed action IJ 2003/11/03: Invite Janet to TAG's ftf meeting in Japan.
    5. Other issues...

1.3 TAG update at Nov 2003 AC meeting.

  1. Action CL 2003/10/27: incorporate input on AC slides and produce another draft. See (proposed slides from CL)

2. Technical (75min)

  1. Review of Architecture Document writing assignments
  2. XML Versioning
  3. deepLinking-25

2.1 Review of Architecture Document writing assignments

Comments on 27 Oct 2003 WD of the Arch Doc?

Editor's expectations: Review a todo list that will be incorporated into an Editor's Draft to be made available 12 November.

Recent action items:

  1. Action IJ 2003/10/08: Starting from DO's diagram, create a diagram where the relationships and terms are linked back to the context where defined. Ensure that the relationships are in fact used in the narrative; any gaps identified? With DO, work on term relationship diagram.
  1. Action CL 2003/07/21: Discuss and propose improved wording of language regarding SVG spec in bulleted list in 2.5.1.
  1. Action NW 2003/10/08: Revise QName finding. See draft finding from NW. We will also add those two good practice notes to section 2:
    1. If you use Qnames, provide a mapping to URIs.
    2. Don't define an attribute that can take either a URI or a Qname since they are not syntactically distinguishable."
  1. Action RF 2003/10/08: Explain "identifies" in RFC 2396.
  1. Action TBL 2003/07/14: Suggest changes to section about extensibility related to "when to tunnel".
  1. Action DC 2003/07/21: Propose language for section 2.8.5 showing examples of freenet and other systems. Progress; see URISchemes/freenet

2.2 XML Versioning (XMLVersioning-41)


Current draft is 3 Oct 2003 finding

  1. Action IJ 2003/11/03: (Issue XMLVersioning-41) Review XML Versioning text, propose a shortened form to DO and NW for their consideration, including good practice notes. See proposal from Ian.

2.3 Review of 3023-related actions

  1. Should we open an issue or reopen a TAG issue?
  2. Action CL 2003/10/27: Draft XML mime type thingy with Murata-san
  3. Action TBL/DC 2003/10/08: Talk to the Architecture Domain Lead.

The TAG does not expect to cover these issues

2.5 Findings

See also TAG findings home page.

2.2.1 Expected new findings

Ian Jacobs for Stuart Williams and TimBL
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