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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed (or Yves) Ensure that all Group participants are subscribed to the public list public-soap-jms Philippe Le H├ęgaret 2008-05-31
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Register everyone on the Public Mailing list Yves Lafon 2008-05-13
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Request a weekly bridge for the SOAP-JMS WG Yves Lafon 2008-05-13
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Send information to bhakti about using CVS Roland Merrick 2008-05-20
ACTION-5 (edit) closed And Phil will take a first pass of the spec to identify assertions Peter Easton 2008-05-27
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Write up a test proposal due next week Amelia Lewis 2008-06-03
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Write up a test proposal due next week Phil Adams 2008-06-03
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Take a look at the way that WSDL assertions are marked up and to try and apply it to soap-jms spec. Peter Easton 2008-06-10
ACTION-9 (edit) closed And alewis to provide draft methodology due 7/1 Phil Adams 2008-06-17
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Send mail to the list about the progress so far. Amelia Lewis 2008-06-24
ACTION-11 (edit) closed - write up email with nits discovered in the spec during the review for testing Eric Johnson 2008-06-24
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Write a proposal of the JMS API example text that should appear in each section (2.2.2 & 2.2.23) of the spec. Phil Adams 2008-07-01
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Investigate abiguity about "MUST fully support the JMS IRI" and fix where necessary Eric Johnson 2008-07-01
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Add text to say in sction 2.6 you MUST use replyToName and in 2.7 it should say you MUST NOT use it Roland Merrick 2008-07-01
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Check how we should make the disctinction between normative and non-normative Roland Merrick 2008-07-22
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Write up one or two initial test scenarios - a one-way and request-response Phil Adams 2008-07-29
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Work on the XML format for test cases (not glen) Peter Easton 2008-08-05
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Come up with more example text for section or Eric Johnson 2008-08-05
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Write up an answer to the question of WS-Addressing. Bhakti Mehta 2008-11-04
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Write note to a mailing list summarizing the opinion of the group, that WS-Addressing is out of scope, but we understand the question, we will develop FAQ materials. Glen Daniels 2008-08-05
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Respond to email on JMS properties in WSDL Eric Johnson 2008-08-19
ACTION-22 (edit) closed raise possible use cases clarification for jndi URI additional parameters mapping to JMS headers Derek Rokicki 2008-08-19
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Review the relevant parts of the XML Schema draft on behalf of SOAP/JMS WG Mark Phillips 2008-09-12
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Present test case message examples with additions styled after peter's suggestions Phil Adams 2008-08-26
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Look at wording that might allow vendor to use TextMessage and not break specifications Phil Adams 2008-08-26
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Incorporate changes into test case proposal, as brought up in 2008/8/26 discussion Phil Adams 2008-09-02
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Examine/update xslt for test cases, once test cases stabilizes Eric Johnson 2008-09-09
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Add test case documents and scripts to version control Roland Merrick 2008-09-16
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Write up a proposal to differentiate JNDI connection properties in the URI and WSDL Derek Rokicki 2008-09-09
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Write up the options for using TextMessage that we have discussed so that we can identify and discuss the scenarios Eric Johnson 2008-09-09
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Create an additional view showing all the features and which test cases exercise the feature Phil Adams 2008-09-16
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Will create at least one additional testcase Eric Johnson 2008-09-16
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Write up a proposal for what to do with jms URI queue and topic proposal. Eric Johnson 2008-09-23
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Write up specific proposal on how to support TextMessage. Phil Adams 2008-09-23
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Update proposal re context variant and reply to for queue and topic Eric Johnson 2008-09-30
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Write up details around the use of text message, specifically addressing the "encoding" element in XML, the increased size as a consequence of base64 encoding. Eric Johnson 2008-10-07
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Write up how to indicate use of text message in WSDL. Peter Easton 2008-10-07
ACTION-38 (edit) closed - put the just agreed-upon changes related to TextMessage into the spec (Phil's write up & Eric's writeup) Roland Merrick 2008-10-14
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Email/phone Oracle/BEA to see if they want to continue to be listed on the URI specification by 2008-10-08 Roland Merrick 2008-10-14
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Write up specific proposal for conformance to address the normative concerns. Roland Merrick 2008-10-14
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Clarify the fault to be returned when the arriving message is neither Bytes or Text message Roland Merrick 2008-10-21
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Clarify the conformance section (1.6) to make it clear that the URI scheme MUST be fully supported in the base protocol (just refer to it once) Roland Merrick 2008-10-21
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Mail the JMS URI draft to the IETF Secretariat mailing list to move the process to the next stage Eric Johnson 2008-11-04
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Create a Schema for the WSDL extensions Mark Phillips 2008-10-21
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Tidy up the proposal factoring in Eric's changes and splitting the proposal into 2 parts - URI spec and Binding Derek Rokicki 2008-10-21
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Make changes for name and value attributes and place xml schema as appendix in spec Roland Merrick 2008-10-27
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Incorporate jndi- props into spec Roland Merrick 2008-10-28
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Look at Destination and terms in general in spec perhaps post LC Roland Merrick 2009-01-20
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Update URI spec to adopt Alfred's comments and the jndi context parms Eric Johnson 2008-11-03
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add note for Last Call regarding feedback requested on precedence wordings etc Roland Merrick 2008-11-03
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Add a test case. Peter Easton 2008-11-18
ACTION-52 (edit) closed - make sure everyone has CVS access for creating test cases. Yves Lafon 2008-11-18
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Provide testcase(s) in properties area Derek Rokicki 2008-12-02
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Send email to secretary general to progress the IETF spec Eric Johnson 2008-12-01
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Look at the relevant specifications e.g. SOAP with Attachments to assess whether SOAP/JMS binding spec. needs the assertions regarding content type Phil Adams 2008-12-09
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Add answer to FAQ on how to use WSA anonymous and JMS ReplyTo Peter Easton 2008-12-23
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Raise spec question independently after call Derek Rokicki 2009-01-20
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Respond to Yong-Ping Roland Merrick 2009-02-03
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Send email about LC-04 based on minutes from conf. call of Jan-27 Roland Merrick 2009-02-03
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Respond with email saying that there is no fault. Roland Merrick 2009-02-03
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal to make sure we're consistent. Phil Adams 2009-02-03
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Make a proposal to clarify the wording and scope of the (221) jndiContext Parameter property) Peter Easton 2009-02-10
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Respond to dongbo to say that the spec has been clarified re: IRI scheme jndi requirement Roland Merrick 2009-02-10
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Clarify spec about topic replyToName Derek Rokicki 2009-02-17
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Clarify for content Type Phil Adams 2009-02-17
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Bring up the additional MEP Derek Rokicki 2009-02-17
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Redraft words re replyTo and topicReplyTO Derek Rokicki 2009-03-03
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Draft words on what you can do with non-normative MEPs like RIO for publication in an FAQ Derek Rokicki 2009-05-29
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Come up with revised URI scheme pass for review next week Eric Johnson 2009-03-17
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Take another pass of the Content Type wording Eric Johnson 2009-03-17
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Incorporate latest act 65 wordings in spec and email original Last Call commentor Peter Easton 2009-03-17
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Incorporate Derek's text into spec. Roland Merrick 2009-03-24
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Follow up IRI jndi issue after next week with Harald Eric Johnson 2009-03-24
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Examine the wording of the conformance requirements section Roland Merrick 2009-03-31
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Look at Dongbo's last point - what should an implementation do if it does not support a URI variant Phil Adams 2009-03-31
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Change the Binding specification to use \"NON_PERSISTENT\" in 5 places where we use \"NONPERSISTENT\" Roland Merrick 2009-03-31
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Clarify precedence of URI etc in WSDL 3.4.5 Amelia Lewis 2009-04-07
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Chase acknowledgement of all our responses Roland Merrick 2009-04-07
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Review the SOAP-JMS Binding spec to see if any changes are required for new jndi naming scheme Derek Rokicki 2009-04-14
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Remove point 3 (properties come from JMS URI) from section 2.2 Roland Merrick 2009-04-14
ACTION-81 (edit) closed update the spec. with "jndi-" prefix changes (when we get confirmation from Harald) Roland Merrick 2009-04-21
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Update the spec. with Phil and Eric's changes to contentType Roland Merrick 2009-04-21
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Close email thread on LC comments 7,8,9 Roland Merrick 2009-04-28
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Reword the assertions 2035, 2039, and 2041 so that they make more sense Roland Merrick 2009-05-12
ACTION-85 (edit) closed See whether assertion 2042 can be removed bacause all faults are covered by their own assertion Roland Merrick 2009-05-12
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Ask Yves what the best way to record / store the FAQ? Eric Johnson 2009-06-16
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Find out if Axis 2 has an implementation of the SOAP/JMS Binding spec. Phil Adams 2009-06-16
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Send contact details to Eric to update the URI scheme Mark Phillips 2009-06-23
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Review the test assertion IDs to see which ones we _really_ need to test Eric Johnson 2009-06-23
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Follow up contacts with CXF to find out timeframes etc. Peter Easton 2009-06-30
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Propose a change to Spec. wording to remedy inconsistency in MIME example vs. Protocol-2029 assertion Eric Johnson 2009-07-21 Incorrect example, section C2
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Propose the wording for the change to split 2024 into three testable assertions Mark Phillips 2009-07-21
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Propose the revised table to the list Eric Johnson 2009-07-21 requestURI in response message?
ACTION-94 (edit) closed to reword the protocol-2024 proposal Mark Phillips 2009-07-28
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Raise a tracking issue for each of the specification changes we have proposed Eric Johnson 2009-07-28
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Formulate further FAQ questions Amelia Lewis 2009-07-28
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Formulate further FAQ questions Derek Rokicki 2009-07-28
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Formulate further FAQ questions Phil Adams 2009-07-28
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Edit the FAQ page to add a general structure to the Wiki Eric Johnson 2009-07-28
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Apply Issue-7 resolution to spec CVS commit is acceptable Phil Adams 2009-08-11
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Apply 1,2,3,5,6 issue resolutions to spec CVS commit is acceptable Phil Adams 2009-08-11
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Update the spec with Eric's proposal for issue 8 Phil Adams 2009-08-18
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Make the Issue-2 changes consistent with Issue-1 Phil Adams 2009-08-18
ACTION-104 (edit) closed reapply the resolution for issue 6 (remove JMS Priority) Phil Adams 2009-08-18
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Apply issue 10 proposal Phil Adams 2009-08-25 redundant assertions 2016 and 2017
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Propose UDDI FAQ Eric Johnson 2009-08-25
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Regen testing tables etc Phil Adams 2009-08-25
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Come up with a more concrete proposal on the wsdl testing Eric Johnson 2009-08-25
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Update the specification to reflect the change to Protocol 2021 assertion Mark Phillips 2009-09-15 Protocol-2024 needs restructuring
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for Issue-9 Phil Adams 2009-09-15 ISSUE-9
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Investigate the correct syntax for closing the MIME boundary Eric Johnson 2009-09-15 Bad MIME terminating boundary
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Review test cases to identify which ones could have associated WSDL Eric Johnson 2009-09-15
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Discuss UDDI entry wording with IBM UDDI rep. Mark Phillips 2009-09-22
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Apply Resolution For Issue 12 Phil Adams 2009-10-06 Bad MIME terminating boundary
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Apply Resolution For Issue 13 Phil Adams 2009-10-06 Extra space in Schema
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Correct the "soap" prefix reference in section 3.4.5 Eric Johnson 2009-10-20
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Make the updates for issue 14 Phil Adams 2009-10-20
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Review the spec for references, and propose resolution Eric Johnson 2009-10-27
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Try to determine what is normative and how to generate test cases. Eric Johnson 2009-10-27
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Remove the duplication from 2.2.4 Mark Phillips 2009-11-03
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Make the changes recorded under the proposed resolution for Issue 15 Phil Adams 2009-11-17
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Make the changes proposed by Eric under issue 16 Phil Adams 2009-11-17
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Make the changes proposed by Eric under issue 17 Mark Phillips 2009-11-17
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Reply to Eric's email with a counter-proposal for sections 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 Phil Adams 2009-11-17
ACTION-125 (edit) closed to make the changes for Issue 18 Mark Phillips 2009-11-17
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Close out the issues we resolve in this call Peter Easton 2009-12-08
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for Issue 19 Phil Adams 2009-12-08
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for Issue 20 Phil Adams 2009-12-08
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Update the FAQ with the changes proposed by action 68 Peter Easton 2009-12-08
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Prototype a WSDL test case Phil Adams 2009-12-08
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Update test cases 6 & 7 to reflect the decison on WSDL snippets Phil Adams 2010-01-19
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Provide feedback on tc 7 wsdl20 correctness Amelia Lewis 2010-01-26
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Revise testcase formatting and vary values in hierarchy for wsdl tests Phil Adams 2010-01-26
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Propose alternative wording to Issue 26 Eric Johnson 2010-02-02
ACTION-135 (edit) closed to apply the resolution for Issue 22 Mark Phillips 2010-02-02
ACTION-136 (edit) closed to revise the proposal for Issue 25 Mark Phillips 2010-02-02
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Get clarification on Issue 23 Mark Phillips 2010-02-09
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Raise the question of Topic support as an issue Mark Phillips 2010-02-16
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for issue 25 Mark Phillips 2010-02-16
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for issue 24 Mark Phillips 2010-02-16
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for issue 26 Mark Phillips 2010-02-16
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Revise test cases 6 & 7 to pick a more sensible property than replyToName to come from thewsdl binding Eric Johnson 2010-02-23
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Ensure that we have tests for all the WSDL assertions Eric Johnson 2010-02-23
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Review half the test cases (and send a note to Eric saying which ones ) Phil Adams 2010-02-23
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Review the other half of the test cases Eric Johnson 2010-02-23
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Follow up URI specification with Oracle Eric Johnson 2010-03-09
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Apply the resolution to issue 28 Mark Phillips 2010-03-09
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Review proposal, and debate on mailing list or propose a FAQ change Mark Phillips 2010-03-09
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Update testcase 6,7 to fix text in "message flow" section to reflect changes made to WSDL fragment Eric Johnson 2010-03-16
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Raise issue re: assertion 2014 and propose a resolution Phil Adams 2010-03-16
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Develop a proposal for how to address protocol-2015 Eric Johnson 2010-03-16
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Address use of the word "may" in the second bullet of the soapjms:contentType description within the SOAP/JMS binding spec Eric Johnson 2010-03-16
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Investigate feasibility of operating JMS in the cloud Eric Johnson 2010-03-23
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Investigate IBM's legal position in sharing or using IBM product test suites in interops tests Mark Phillips 2010-03-23
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Check that we have coverage of all non-WSDL assertions if we do not run the WSDL tests Phil Adams 2010-03-23
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Come uo with counter proposal for issue 31 (isFault) Eric Johnson 2010-03-23
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Propose an alternate proposal to resolve issue 30 Phil Adams 2010-04-06
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Make proposed changes for issue-32 and issue-33 Phil Adams 2010-04-13
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Apply the resolutions to issue 30, 31, 32, and 33 Phil Adams 2010-04-20
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Implement the test coverage proposals Phil Adams 2010-04-20
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Re-apply resolution of Issue 31 as per agreed April 13 Phil Adams 2010-05-04
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Define 2 new test cases for isFault Eric Johnson 2010-05-04
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Contact people who are committing changes related to SOAP/JMS for the Apache CXF project Peter Easton 2010-05-18
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Look at CXF samples and text, and report back to group at how to assess the coverage vs. SOAP/JMS test suite. Peter Easton 2010-05-11
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Look at test suite coverage of existing CXF. Peter Easton 2010-05-11
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Update the URI RFC and republish, then resubmit to IETF review mailing list Eric Johnson 2010-05-18
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Talk to Yves about possibility of making WSDL 2.0 section non-normative Eric Johnson 2010-05-18
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Develop a more detailed proposal for issue 34 Peter Easton 2010-05-25
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Apply resolutions for Issues 35-37 Peter Easton 2010-05-25
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Raise an Issue proposing the move of the WSDL 2 section to the appendix Eric Johnson 2010-05-25
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Contact Glen Daniels with invitation to review the SOAP/JMS URI Eric Johnson 2010-06-01
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Track down original JMS contributors Eric Johnson 2010-06-01
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Enquire in IBM about who to contact amongst JMS contributors Mark Phillips 2010-06-01
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Send some reference links to the mailin list to support this proposal Peter Easton 2010-06-01
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Clarify the test description for test 1003 Peter Easton 2010-06-08
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Re-write the explicit proposal for Issue 34 Peter Easton 2010-06-08
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Update the spec with the resolution to issue 34 Peter Easton 2010-06-15
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Make a proposal for issue 38 (WSDL 2.0 section) Eric Johnson 2010-06-15
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Update URI editors spec to reflect latest URI scheme URL Eric Johnson 2010-06-22
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Raise issue for use of "m:MaxTime" XML in SOAP 1.2 example from section 2.8 Eric Johnson 2010-06-22
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Fix broken link on landing page Eric Johnson 2010-06-29
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Check how much of the binding spec. needs to change and make a proposal Mark Phillips 2010-06-29
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Apply resolution to issue 38 Eric Johnson 2010-06-29
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Apply resolution to issue 38 Eric Johnson 2010-06-29
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Change the namespace to Mark Phillips 2010-07-06
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Review the spec. looking for other items that will need to change - e.g. editorial notes / nits Eric Johnson 2010-07-06
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Review the spec. looking for other items that will need to change - e.g. editorial notes / nits Derek Rokicki 2010-07-06
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Apply the resolution to issue 39 Mark Phillips 2010-07-06
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Apply resolution for issue 40 Eric Johnson 2010-07-06
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Review the test cases once the changes for issue 39 have been applied Eric Johnson 2010-07-06
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Raise an issue regarding targetService and the missing fault Derek Rokicki 2010-07-13
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Send list of known JMS URI formats to the SOAP/JMS list Mark Phillips 2010-07-13
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Investigate provisional uri process and how we would move forward after that Eric Johnson 2010-07-13
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Apply the resolutions to Issues 41-46 Eric Johnson 2010-07-20
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Propose an alternative resolution to issue 50 Mark Phillips 2010-08-03 Missing SOAP 1.1 indication
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Apply resolutions for the resolved issues above Eric Johnson 2010-08-03
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Create an alternate proposal for issue-55 resolution Phil Adams 2010-08-10 redundant statements about one-way MEP
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Update test cases per issue-59 suggestion Peter Easton 2010-08-10
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Review the proposal for issue 48 and make a counter proposal if he does not agree Mark Phillips 2010-08-24
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Apply the changes for issue 50 Mark Phillips 2010-08-24
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Apply the resolutions for issues 56, 57, 58 Mark Phillips 2010-08-24 References section a big blob
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Investigate the necessary steps for completing CR and moving to PR Eric Johnson 2010-08-24
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Check the SOAP encoding in the test cases once the issues are resolved Phil Adams 2010-08-31
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for issue 48 Eric Johnson 2010-08-31 unflagged message body assertions
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for issue 55 Eric Johnson 2010-08-31 redundant statements about one-way MEP
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for the issue described in Eric Johnson 2010-08-31 lacking complete WSDL example
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Finish proposal for issue Mark Phillips 2010-08-31 SOAP samples problems
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Raise two formal issues for the soapAction and targetService faults Derek Rokicki 2010-09-07
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Apply the proposal for issue 61 Mark Phillips 2010-09-07
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Check to XOP examples to validate this Mark Phillips 2010-09-21
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Apply the proposals for Issues 62 and 63 Mark Phillips 2010-09-21
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Begin the CR process by modifying the spec. to reflect the candidate status etc. Mark Phillips 2010-09-21
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Prepare disposition of comments document Eric Johnson 2010-09-28
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Raise JIRA on CXF for latest fault code spec. changes Peter Easton 2010-09-28
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Respond to question about encoding of white space in parameters Eric Johnson 2010-09-28
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Apply the proposal for issue 64 Mark Phillips 2010-10-12
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Send Yves a link to the disposition of comments Eric Johnson 2010-10-19
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Report back to the group on options for IANA registration of JMS variants Eric Johnson 2010-10-26
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Check the test cases are up to date Peter Easton 2010-11-09
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Review the FAQ Eric Johnson 2010-11-09
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Send some orientation material on getting started and running CXF SOAP/JMS tests to Phil Peter Easton 2010-11-09
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Review the CXF tests to see if they can be tested against a Software AG implementation Derek Rokicki 2010-11-09
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Look into building and running the CXF tests against WAS Phil Adams 2010-11-09
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Raise issue on items 2 and 3 of Peter's testing action-219 Eric Johnson 2010-11-16
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Apply Action-219 changes to test spec Peter Easton 2010-11-16
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Open issue on EXI mail exchange Eric Johnson 2010-11-16
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Raise issue on the SOAP/JMS namespace distinction between SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 and present proposal Phil Adams 2010-11-16
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for Issue-65 Eric Johnson 2010-11-23
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for Issue-65 Phil Adams 2010-11-23
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Apply the changes for ISSUE-67 Mark Phillips 2010-12-07 SOAP-JMS Binding specification
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Come up with a concrete proposal to resolve issue 68 Mark Phillips 2010-12-07
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Revise the proposal with Amy's addition and the fault in the proposal Eric Johnson 2010-12-07
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Forward proposal for ISSUE-65 to CXF folk for their approval Peter Easton 2010-12-14
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for ISSUE-68 Mark Phillips 2010-12-14
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Get details of potential BytesMessageproblem Mark Phillips 2010-12-14
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Apply the resolution as written in the chat Mark Phillips 2010-12-28
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for ISSUE-65 Mark Phillips 2010-12-28
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Roll back incorrectly applied changes to CR Mark Phillips 2010-12-28
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Raise new issue to clarify requirements around which message types must be supported. Derek Rokicki 2011-01-11
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Apply the resolution for ISSUE-70 Eric Johnson 2011-01-18
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Rewrite sentence in URI scheme abstract that the commenter pointed out. Eric Johnson 2011-01-25
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Clarify with Yves the criteria needed for PR vs. Rec Eric Johnson 2011-02-08
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Tofind out what TIBCOare doing with Websphere (re: compatibility testing and latest versions) Eric Johnson 2011-02-08
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Investigate whether CXF supports WSDL Eric Johnson 2011-02-15
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Check with Yves if we could allow only one implementation of the optional WSDL part Eric Johnson 2011-03-01
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Produce a complete version of the test results template Mark Phillips 2011-03-15
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Review testcases to remove or re-classify the testcases that are not required for compliance Matthew Golby-Kirk 2011-05-03
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Apply a resolution to ISSUE-27 ( update the Spec. with final RFC) Eric Johnson 2011-05-10
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Investigae and fix the corruption in the change log Mark Phillips 2011-05-31
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Follow up with Yves about PR Eric Johnson 2011-07-26
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Start preparing the PR document Eric Johnson 2011-08-16
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Run the proposed PR draft through the pubrules checker Mark Phillips 2011-08-30
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for the status of the document (SOTD) text (in collaboration with Yves ) Derek Rokicki 2011-08-30
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Figure out why the 2011 PR link says "public review" instead of "proposed recommendation" Eric Johnson 2011-08-30
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Investigate level of testing between WAS and WebSphere Message Broker Mark Phillips 2011-08-30
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Take a look at the problems in Section 1 and 3 (HTML formatting and header text) Eric Johnson 2011-11-02
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Take a look at the pubrules problems in Section 8 Eric Johnson 2011-09-06
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Prepare a request to progress to Proposed Recommendation Eric Johnson 2011-10-04
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Update the SOTD with the document Derek defined in action-253 Phil Adams 2011-10-25
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Submit a request to transition to PR when required actions are complete Eric Johnson 2011-11-01
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Investigate requirements to move to rec. Eric Johnson 2011-12-20
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Review Matthew's email Derek Rokicki 2012-02-07
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Review the Wiki on behalf of IBM Matthew Golby-Kirk 2012-01-24
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Review the Wiki on behalf of TIBCO Eric Johnson 2012-01-24
ACTION-265 (edit) open Apply the changes to the wiki and FAQ Eric Johnson 2012-01-31
ACTION-266 (edit) open Update the test case document per action 262 Eric Johnson 2012-02-28
ACTION-267 (edit) open Follow up with Yves about the editors note entry. Eric Johnson 2012-02-28

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