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11 Apr 2006


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Jacek Kopecky
Joel Farrell


<AmitSheth> Amit from LSDIS-UGA & Semagix; John Miller will join shortly

<caribou> Scribe: Joel Farrell

<caribou> ScribeNick: Joel

No additions to agenda

Approval of minutes

Jacek: minutes approved

Action Item Review

<caribou> [DONE] 2006-04-04: JacekK to ask members whether visas may be a problem for f2f


<caribou> admin page

All should become familiar with Admin pages - incuded important information

Contact Jacek or staff contact if you have problems

Jacek: please send introductions

<AmitSheth> Intro on public list?

Jacek: yes
... 6 results in poll, Tuesday timeslot is our stable call time

First F2F meeting

Jacek: Need to determine first meeting location by next call
... looking at Galway or Innsbruck. Need to know Visa contraints

Amit: might have a conflict in beginning of June

Jacek: one of first two weeks in June is the time being considered

Rama: Ok with June - needs to get Visa

Jacek: will be sure there is 8 weeks lead time

<AmitSheth> John Miller has joined--if he is not formally part of the group we can treat his participation as an observer, if no objection

Jacek: Will have F2F in both US and EU. Can call me in if help is needed for arranging your travels

May have problems traveling from France to US

May have to reissue Passport. Will provide help from W3C if needed

<AmitSheth> there will be major conferences like ISWC2006 which I home many will join

<AmitSheth> in USA

Document Status

Jacek: First draft of document is checked in

<JacekK> http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/sawsdl/spec/SAWSDL.html

Jacek: currently problems getting to the document via the web

<AmitSheth> we are getting "We're sorry but the link you tried to access is forbidden."

Carine: currently fixing link

<caribou> fixed

Jacek: please read and lodge issues

Amit: what is content of doc?

Jacek: Based on WSDL- S

<AmitSheth> I assume we are still open to John Miller joining as an editor as soon as he is formally a part of the group

Joel: Document was updated to delete Preconditions and Effects and put in correct format

Jacek: Editors should include a change log - a table at end- with name, date and change
... Look at WSDL docs for an example

<JacekK> http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl20/#changelog

Rama: How can people input suggestions for the document?

Jacek: For substantial change, raise an issue on public list (Issue:)
... describe problem and solution if you have it. Then there will be discusson on list or meeting
... once resolved, editors will make changes
... send editorial suggetions to editors
... change long deleted a proposed recommendation


Jacek: private list is for regrets, scheduling and private info
... or private info relative to your company and things of that nature
... all else goes to the public list, including unapproved drafts, unless private info is included

Use Cases and Requirements

Jacek: Have some in WSDL-S document, might want to document more
... Can use to document aims. Reqests opinion

Rama: Requirements would be very valuable. More that in WSDL-S doc

Holger: not to many use cases due to limited scope

<AmitSheth> I think we should put them to the list

John: UGA has more use cases that they can provide

<AmitSheth> that is why we would "cut down" to trim to the scope

Joel: need to keep use cases in scope

Carine: gather examples as examples and see what we do with them, not a primer yet

Amit: Need detailed examples from real world, even if somewhat outside scope. Clarify in document what is in scope

<holger> I completely agree with examples, just find a long discussion on requirements dangerous.

Amit: get idea of what we cannot address is current specifiations

Jacek: so gather examples

<AmitSheth> I like that

Jacek: proposal - document separate from the spec that documents examples.
... we need editors for this document

<AmitSheth> John Miller will

Amit: all should post examples to list then editors can draw from there

Rama: Has large set of examples, will contribute after checking confidentiality

Jacek: Will use mailing list as Amit suggests
... will track an put use cases that are posted on the agenda
... will be marked as draft and not accepted yet.

<JacekK> ACTION: BNS, JacekK and staff contacts to start the Examples document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/04/11-semann-irc]

New issues

Jacek: log issues with the new document on the public list
... it will be linked from public page

Joel: will proceed with editorial changes only

Jacek: Yes, if question, consider it an issue.

Amit: so we should go ahead and post exampes to the list

Jacek: yes first step is to submit to public list

<AmitSheth> thanks for running it so efficiently.

<AmitSheth> yes

Jacek: next call, next week at same time and same call in

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: BNS, JacekK and staff contacts to start the Examples document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/04/11-semann-irc]