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Intellectual Property Rights Statements

This page provides a single source for all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) statements that are associated with Web Services Choreography (WS-Chor) and provided by members of the Web Services Choreography Working Group (WG).

The following statements are the patent disclosures and license commitments associated with the Web Services Choreography Working Group (WG) as required by the W3C Current Patent Practice (CPP). These statements may be modified at any time during the Recommendation track process.

W3C does not take a position regarding the validity or scope of any IPR or any other right that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use of WS-Chor technology. Furthermore, the W3C does not take a position on the extent to which any license under such rights might or might not be available. Copyright of WG deliverables is vested in the W3C.

Table 1 summarizes the most recent IPR statements for each WS-Chor WG member. The list covers all current WS-Chor WG members in good standing. Table 2 summarizes the most recent IPR statements for each past WS-Chor WG member. The 'License Type' column is a W3C Team short-hand summary of the Member's licensing terms as one of two general types of licenses: 1) Royalty-Free (RF), or 2) Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory terms (RAND). This designation is an informal summary of the terms offered by the disclosing party. The precise meaning of the license is determined exclusively by the license language provided by the patent holder. Implementers or others who require information about the licensing terms offered by a patent holder should refer to the licensing statements made by the patent holder itself. W3C Team summaries have no legal effect, have not been approved by the licensors and should not be relied to determine the rights or obligations of implementers. Members who are listed in the specification, but who are not listed in Table 1, have stated they have no IPR relating to the WS-Chor WG's specifications. License Type is "unknown".

Table 1. Summary of IPR Statements from WS-Chor WG Members in good standing.
Member name Patent Declaration License Type

IPR Statement

Adobe Systems Inc. None declared RF -
Enigmatec Corporation None declared unknown -
Nortel Networks None declared unknown http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Team/team-ws-chor-review/2005Dec/0000.html
Novell None declared unknown -
Oracle Corporation None declared RF -
Sun Microsystems, Inc. None declared RF -
Table 2. Summary of IPR Statements from past WS-Chor WG Members
Member name Patent Declaration License Type

IPR Statement

Departure date
Apple None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
Arjuna Technologies Ltd None declared RF - 2005-04-12
BEA Systems None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
Choreology Ltd None declared unknown http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Team/team-ws-chor-review/2005Dec/0001.html 2005-12-12
Cisco Systems Inc None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
Commerce One None declared unknown - 2004-12-31
Computer Associates None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
EDS None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
Fujitsu Ltd None declared RF - 2005-04-12
Hewlett-Packard None declared RF - 2005-04-12
Hitachi, Ltd. None declared RF - 2005-04-12
Intalio Inc. None declared RF - 2005-04-12
IONA None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
Microsoft Corporation Deferred unknown - 2003-03-19
MTA SZTAKI None declared RF - 2005-04-12
National Computerization Agency None declared RF - 2005-04-12
SAP AG Deferred RF - 2005-04-12
SeeBeyond Technology Corporation None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
Sonic Software None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
TIBCO Software None declared RF - 2005-04-12
Uniform Code Council None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
University of Maryland (Mind Lab) None declared unknown - 2005-04-12
W. W. Grainger, Inc. Deferred unknown - 2004-12-31
webMethods, Inc. None declared unknown - 2005-05-09

Martin Chapman <martin.chapman@oracle.com> and Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@pi4tech.com>, Chairs
Yves Lafon>, W3C Team contacts
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