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Registrants of the P3P Workshop, Washington Dulles 12/13 November 2002

There are 56 registrants. (Sorted by organization)
Nr. Name Organization email
1 Lisa Bosse AOL lisasbosse at aol.com
2 Teresa Jones AOL TeresaJones1234 at aol.com
3 Brandi Moore AOL brandi at aol.net
4 Qiuping Tang AOL qiupingtang at aol.com
5 Lenridge Vaz AOL lenridgevaz at aol.com
6 Anita Wall AOL anitakwall at aol.com
7 Brian Zwit AOL bzwit at aol.com
8 Lorrie Cranor AT&T Research lorrie at research.att.com
9 Manjula Arjula AT&T manjula at att.com
10 Cheryl Charles BITS charlessfg at aol.com
11 Paula Bruening CDT pbruening at cdt.org
12 John Morris CDT jmorris at cdt.org
13 Ari Schwartz CDT ari at cdt.org
14 Daniel Schutzer Citigroup daniel.m.schutzer at citigroup.com
15 Jack Humphrey Coremetrics, Inc JHumphrey at coremetrics.com
16 Brooks Dobbs DoubleClick bdobbs at doubleclick.net
17 Diana Alonso-Blas EC DG Internal Market Diana.ALONSO-BLAS at cec.eu.int
18 Giles Hogben EC Joint Research Center giles.hogben at jrc.it
19 Ruchika Agrawal EPIC agrawal at epic.org
20 Helena Lindskog Ericsson Helena.Lindskog at ericsson.com
21 Brian Tretick Ernst & Young brian.tretick at ey.com
22 James Silver Federal Trade Commission jsilver at ftc.gov
23 Toby Levin Federal Trade Commission tlevin at ftc.gov
24 Dean Forbes Federal Trade Commission dforbes at ftc.gov
25 William Duserick Fidelity Investments william.duserick at fmr.com
26 Christine Varney Hogan & Hartson cvarney at hhlaw.com
27 Marty Abrams Hunton & Williams mabrams at hunton.com
28 Steven B. Adler IBM Tivoli Security & Privacy adler1 at us.ibm.com
29 Matthias Schunter IBM Zurich Research Laboratory mts at zurich.ibm.com
30 Michael Waidner IBM wmi at zurich.ibm.com
31 Yirong Xu IBM yirongxu at almaden.ibm.com
32 Mike Gurski Information & Privacy Commision/Ontario mgurski at ipc.on.ca
33 Tim Lordan Internet Education Foundation tim at neted.org
34 Andrew Bybee Microsoft abybee at microsoft.com
35 JC Cannon Microsoft jccannon at microsoft.com
36 Tonya Klause Microsoft tonyak at wagged.com
37 Cem Paya Microsoft cemp at microsoft.com
38 Amruta Moktali Microsoft amrutam at microsoft.com
39 Dave Barrowman Netscape Communications barrowma at netscape.com
40 Harish Dhurvasula Netscape Communications harishd at netscape.com
41 Richard Shockey NeuStar, Inc rich.shockey at neustar.biz
42 Hong Liu NeuStar, Inc hong.liu at neustar.biz
43 Peter Davis Neustar, Inc. peter.davis at neustar.biz
44 David Stampley Office of the New York Attorney General David.Stampley at oag.state.ny.us
45 Patricia Carroll PATTIS PLAYHOUSE starlit777 at webtv.net
46 Adam J. Reisman Privacy Regulation Report areisman at ucg.com
47 Martin Keane PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP martin.keane at us.pwcglobal.com
48 Dr. Jorge Cuellar Siemens AG jorge.cuellar at siemens.com
49 Raghavan Srinivas Sun Microsystems rags at acm.org
50 Wolfgang Woerndl Technische Universität München woerndl at in.tum.de
51 Rebecca J. Richards TRUSTe rrichards at truste.org
52 Deirdre K. Mulligan University of California, Berkeley, Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy clinic dmulligan at law.berkeley.edu
53 Prof. Dr. Jos Dumortier Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and Information Technology, Catholic University Leuven jos.dumortier at law.kuleuven.ac.be
54 Justyna Beckwith Burr Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering bburr at wilmer.com
55 Daniel Weitzner W3C djweitzner at w3.org
56 Rigo Wenning W3C rigo at w3.org

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Both days, the 12 & 13 November
only 12 or 13 November

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