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Author(s) Title Download
1 America Online, Inc. Brian J. Zwit Position Paper HTML
2 BITS Cheryl Charles Position Paper PDF
3 CDT John Morris Report from Geopriv PDF
4 CDT Ari Schwartz Using the P3P Vocabulary in Data Transfer PDF
5 Citigroup Daniel M. Schutzer Citigroup P3P Position Paper HTML
6 Coremetrics Jack Humphrey P3P Position Paper: Agents and P3P PDF
7 Personal views Lorrie Faith Cranor and Joel R. Reidenberg P3P User Agent Accuracy PDF
8 Personal views Lorrie Faith Cranor, Manjula Arjula, and Praveen Guduru Privacy Bird User Study PDF
9 Doubleclick Inc. Brooks Dobbs P3P Position Paper HTML
10 EPIC Ruchika Agrawal Why is P3P Not a PET? PDF
11 Ericsson AB Helena Lindskog, Johan Hjelm, Mikael Nilsson Conveying Location Data Using P3P PDF
12 Ernst & Young LLP Brian Tretick Ernst & Young's Accounting of P3P HTML
13 European Commission Diana Alonso-Blas The future of P3P: Issues to be addressed in order to allow P3P to be compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive HTML
14 Fidelity Investment Bill Duserick Position Paper on Considerations for Future Versions of P3P HTML
15 Hunton & Williams Martin Abrams A Common Template Text Notice - As the Voice for the P3P Policy HTML
16 IBM Zürich Matthias Schunter, Els Van Herreweghen, Michael Waidner Expressive Privacy Promises - How to Improve the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) PDF
17 IBM Almaden Rakesh Agrawal, Jerry Kiernan, Ramakrishnan Srikant, Yirong Xu Server-Centric P3P PDF
18 IBM Tivoli Security & Privacy Steven B. Adler Introducing IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager for e-business HTML
19 Internet Education Foundation Tim Lordan Position Paper for P3P PDF
20 Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario Ann Cavoukian & Mike Gurski Position Paper for P3P HTML
21 Joint Research Center of the European Commission Giles Hogben A technical analysis of problems with P3P v1.0 and possible solutions. HTML
22 Netscape Communications Corporation Harish Dhurvasula, Dave Barrowman, and Steve Morse Technical Issues in Implementing P3P in Netscape 7.0 HTML
23 Microsoft Corporation Andrew Bybee, Melissa Dunn, JC Cannon Driving Adoption of P3P HTML
24 Siemens AG Jorge R Cuellar Position Paper PDF
25 Attorney General of the State of New York David A. Stampley Looking to Concluded Conflicts for their Language of Privacy HTML
26 Sun Microsystems Raghavan N. Srinivas Position Paper HTML
27 Technische Universität München Wolfgang Woerndl Using P3P to Negotiate Access Rights to User Profiles HTML
28 Truste Rebecca J. Richards Implementing Privacy in the Wireless World HTML
29 University of Leuven (Belgium) Prof. Dr. Jos Dumortier P3P Compliant Privacy Policies and European Data Protection Legislation PDF

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