Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
The Future of P3P Workshop

Oct. 2002
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Privacy is becoming important in the networked world, where a lot of information of varying degrees of importance is flowing through. The exchange of information needs to be done in an automated and controlled fashion. P3P and other standards are expected to play a role in this information interchange.

Sun's Business needs in this field

Web browser support on the different hardware/software platforms.

Other support on the hardware/software platforms like Java(tm), Sun ONE(tm), Solaris(tm), Sun Linux and so on.

Liberty Alliance: The Liberty Alliance Project is an alliance formed to deliver and support a federated network identity solution for the Internet that enables single sign-on for consumers as well as business users in an open, federated way.

General Expectations

The following are our expectations from this workshop:
Learn about the ramifications of P3P on Sun's business needs as listed above.

Learn about possible relation to other web services security initiatives, like WS-Policy, WS-Privacy, WS-Trust and so on.

Potential Contibution from us

Sun is actively involved in other XML Security related standards work and will continue to examine the role of P3P and other standards on Sun's products and platforms.

Raghavan N. Srinivas
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