Agenda for 8 April 2002 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.


  1. Read documents/revisions that should be ready before end of this week:

Administrative stuff (15min)

  1. Accept previous minutes?
  2. Accept this agenda?
  3. Accept state of action items?
  4. Top-three topics for TAG presentation at AC meeting? See suggestions from TBL.
  5. Outline of a presentation at W3C Track of WWW 2002? [8 May 2002, 11am-12:30 pm]
  6. Mailing list policies. See email from TB:

Technical (70min)

  1. Review revised findings on uriMediaType-9.
  2. Is there consensus that GET should be used for form actions that do not have side effects, and POST for those that do?

    Preparation: read Architecture from 50K feet.

  3. Discuss issue of scope of TAG/W3C/Web Architecture (@@see TB Action below@@).

For discussion at upcoming meetings

  1. 8 April: Discussion of integration of 5 one-page summaries:
    1. Intro: TB, DC, input from CL
    2. What does a URI identify?: NW and SW
    3. What does a document mean?: NW and SW
    4. One-page REST summary: RF and DO
    5. Notes on "what a message means": CL

Recent action items

Topic Assigned to Assigned at Due date

Status as of mtg

Write text about "Web as information space", to be integrated by IJ DO


Subsumed by Ian Intro?

TBL: Leave open for now.

Integrate/combine one-page summaries IJ


3 Apr Started
Draft three points for TAG presentation to AC in May 2002 TBL 2002/03/25 5 Apr Done
Revise findings on uriMediaType-9, incorporating 25 Mar discussion points. DC, SW 2002/03/25 5 Apr Done
Take question of HTTP Query to W3C/IETF liaison (issue whenToUseGet-7) TBL 2002/02/12 8 Apr Sent mail; awaiting ack.
Extract issues for TAG from thread on boundaries for the Web TB 2002/03/25 27 Mar Done
Add URIEquivalence-15 and HTTPSubstrate-16 to issues list IJ 2002/04/01 8 Apr Done
Write draft on when URI variants are considered equivalent (URIEquivalence-15) TBL 2002/04/01 4 Apr
Find someone in W3C Team or RDF world to draft comments on RDF+HTML for namespace documents TBL, IJ 2002/04/01 8 Apr
Start discussion on www-tag about criticism of RFC3205 (HTTPSubstrate-16) RF 2002/04/01 8 Apr Done. See also background from Keith Moore

Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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