Agenda for 25 March 2002 TAG teleconference

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Where/When: Zakim bridge tel:+1-617-761-6200 Passcode 0824# ("0tag") 85 minutes 10:30ET-11:55 ET. Bridge and IRC channel will be available up to 30 minutes before this meeting to allow those who need to to get their logistics sorted out before the meeting starts at 10:30ET.


Last week, we looked at the one-pager summaries in all their diversity, and asked Ian to try a first pass on combining them, after some folks had edited theirs a little. That process won't be done by this 3/15 meeting. Therefore, we will be switching modes again, to looking at the issues.

Last week, in the discussions of the one-page summaries, we found we found a great rathole in the question of whether the URIs starting with http: and having no "#" could be used to identify anything, or just members of some class of HTTP Resources. I suggest that we discuss that in the thread on www-tag, as I think it benefits from the precision of clarifications in written form.

I think we have been most successful when we have agreed small axioms or theses which have allowed us to count the agreement we have, and isolate the agreement we have not. Tim Bray's treatment of namesapce documents, and Norm and Stuart's treatment of URIs had this form. I propose we adopt that as our normal way of working:

  1. raise issues on line;
  2. formulate theses off line;
  3. pass sets of agreed theses to Ian for integration to a flowing consistent document;
  4. review (in parallel with www-tag review) of the results.

The categorization serves as an index into this work.

The week after, April 1. we can get back to overview document I hope.

Administrative stuff (15min)

  1. Any additions to the agenda? Accept previous meeting minutes?
  2. Accept state of action items below
  3. Accept issue http-range-nn (see email from TBL).
  4. Top-three topics for TAG presentation at AC meeting? See email from Paul
  5. Publication timeline and goal for AC meeting/WWW Hawaii

Technical (70min)

Review: - what are the one line theses we agree on?

Held over for next week:

Held over to some future time:

Recent action items

Topic Assigned to Assigned at Status at beginning of meeting
Integrate issues & findings into TAG arch doc toc. IJ 12 Feb meeting Done
check with workshop chair, make the XML PM ws minutes available to the public, per CFP DC: Done
Work on bullet three of introduction to architecture TBL 2002/03/18
Send revision of "What does a document mean?" to www-tag NW 2002/03/18
Write text about "Web as information space", to be integrated by IJ DO


Integrate/combine one-page summaries IJ


Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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