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Product: HTML / XML Unification


The goal of this effort is to maximize synergy, and minimize unnecessary divergence, between the XML and HTML technology stacks. Practical use cases to be addressed include the creation and processing of HTML using XML tools, the use of XML-based document fragments in the text/html serialization of HTML, maximizing the practicality and utility of "polyglot" documents, that interpret compatibly as both text/html and application/xhtml+xml, or perhaps eventually converging on a single widely deployed media type for both well formed and non-well formed html documents.

This effort was initiated at the suggestion of T.V. Raman, who expressed the opinion that the lack of synergy between the HTML and XML stacks, as they are now emerging, is unnecessary and costly in practice.

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Note: a preliminary draft report was published by Norm Walsh on 22 March 2011

TAG Members assigned:

Tim Berners-Lee, Noah Mendelsohn

Former TAG member Norm Walsh has generously agreed to chair a subgroup, consisting of experts in XML, HTML, and with systems that use those technologies.

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