ACTION-191: Announce decision on rdf-in-html-35 and invite feedback

Announce decision on rdf-in-html-35 and invite feedback

Dan Connolly
Due on:
December 4, 2008
Created on:
November 13, 2008
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  2. 'Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML' TAG issue addressed by RDFa and GRDDL (RDFinHTML-35) (from on 2008-12-04)

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[DanC]: accepted in

19 Nov 2008, 18:51:11

validator gives a thumbs-up on an RDFa page that's text/html.;accept=text%2Fhtml%2Capplication%2Fxhtml%2Bxml%2Capplication%2Fxml%3Bq%3D0.9%2C*%2F*%3Bq%3D0.8;accept-language=en-us%2Cen%3Bq%3D0.5;accept-charset=UTF-8%2C*

Dan Connolly, 1 Dec 2008, 20:19:37

been noodling on this quite a bit, but nothing to report yet

Dan Connolly, 4 Dec 2008, 16:40:57

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