TAG Open Issue Status as of 20 March 2009

The following list was extracted from Tracker's list of open issues. The "F2F" column indicates issues that appeared as explicit agenda items for the 3 March 2009 F2F.

ISSUE # F2F Tracker
Shepherd Old Issue Name Description Raised on Number of
Open Actions
7 Y Background Kemp whenToUseGet-7 (1) GET should be encouraged, not deprecated, in XForms(2) How to handle safe queries (New POST-like method?GET plus a body?) 23-Jan-02 0
16 Y PENDING REVIEW Masinter HTTPSubstrate-16 Should HTTP be used as a substrate protocol? Does W3Cagree with RFC 3205? 24-Mar-02 0
20 X Y (except shepherd) High No shepherd - raised by Berners-Lee errorHandling-20 What should specifications say about error handling? 22-May-02 0
24 Y High Masinter contentTypeOverride-24 Can a specification include rules for overriding HTTPcontent type parameters? 14-Jun-02 1
27 Y Medium None - Raised by Berners-Lee IRIEverywhere-27 Should W3C specifications start promoting IRIs? 9-Oct-02 2
30 Y Medium Mendelsohn binaryXML-30 Standardize a "binary XML" format? 9-Oct-02 1
33 Y - a bit sketchy Background None - Raised by Berners-Lee mixedUIXMLNamespace-33 Composability for user interface-oriented XML namespaces 6-Feb-03 0
34 X Y Medium Thompson xmlFunctions-34 XML Transformation and composability (e.g., XSLT,XInclude, Encryption) 6-Feb-03 1
36 Y Background None - Raised by Connolly siteData-36 Web site metadata improving on robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon etc. 10-Feb-03 0
37 Y Background None - Raised by Berners-Lee abstractComponentRefs-37 Definition of abstract components with namespace names and frag ids 3-Feb-03 0
39 rdfURIMeaning-39 Meaning of URIs in RDF documents 13-Jul-03 0
40 URIGoodPractice-40 What are good practices for URI construction? 16-Oct-03 0
41 XMLVersioning-41 What are good practices for designing extensible XMLlanguages and for handling versioning? 27-Jun-03 3
42 ultimateQuestion-42 What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. 15-Nov-03 4
43 DerivedResources-43 How are secondary resources derived? 15-Nov-03 0
45 mediaTypeManagement-45 What is the appropriate level of granularity of the media type mechanism? 14-May-04 0
46 xml11Names-46 Impact of changes to XML 1.1 on other XML Specifications 19-May-04 0
47 endPointRefs-47 WS-Addressing SOAP binding & app protocols 3-Jan-05 0
49 schemeProtocols-49 Relationship of URI schemes to protocols and operations 7-Feb-05 0
50 X URNsAndRegistries-50 URIs, URNs, "location independent" naming systems and associated registries for naming on the Web 15-Mar-05 2
53 X genericResources-53 Generic resources 04-May-06, reopened at 3 March 2009 F2F 2
54 X TagSoupIntegration-54 Tag soup integration 17-Oct-06 0
55 utf7Encoding-55 Security issues with incorrect metadata 14-Dec-06 0
56 abbreviatedURIs-56 Abbreviating URIs in Web Languages 30-Mar-07 0
57 X HttpRedirections-57 The use of HTTP Redirection 22-Aug-07 2
58 scalabilityOfURIAccess-58 Scalability of URI Access to Resources 22-Aug-07 1
60 X webApplicationState-60 Web Application State Management 14-Dec-07 3
61 uriBasedPackageAccess-61 URI Based Access to Packaged Items 8-Jul-08 0
62 Malhotra UniformAcessToMetadata-62 Uniform Access to Metadata 04-Mar-09 0
Noah Mendelsohn for TAG
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